The Golgi human body (or Golgi complex, apparatus), and also Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) are both organelles found in the majority of eukaryotic cells. They are very closely associated and also show both similarities and also differences in structure and function. Several of these space as follows:


The Golgi body consists of stacks of planarization membrane-enclosed and also fluid-filled saccules (cisternae). The is likewise associated with tubules consistent with the edge of the saccules and vesicles. Unlike the ER, the Golgi reflects both structural and functional polarization.

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It is no entirely understood how this is maintained but it seems to underlie the directional flow of materials from the cis (input) come the infectious diseases world fashion (output) cisternae among other develops of transport. That might likewise explain how the secretory vesicles kind on the cis face of the Golgi and also mature and also dissociate indigenous the trans face on the opposite next of the stack.


Similarly, the ER comprises an extensive network that membrane-enclosed sacs and tubules. It has actually such a physically broad reach that in most eukaryotic cells, that is the biggest organelle. It likewise has a lot larger interior structure than the Golgi human body to bring out its activities.

There room two unique sub-compartments the the ER – the rough and the smooth ER.

The stormy ER is identified by reasonably flat, sealed bag which room studded through membrane-bound ribosomes on the external surface (which is exposed come the cytosol).

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In contrast, the smooth ER has actually a much more tubular structure and does not have actually ribosomes top top its surface for this reason its smooth appearance.


As the ER is written of the distinctive rough and also smooth surfaces, the organelle has many diverse functions.

The turbulent ER is required for the folding and processing the membrane, transmembrane and secreted proteins. More specifically, chaperone proteins in ~ the ER assist in folding polypeptide chains right into their three-dimensional structures. Further modifications such as de defiders bridge formation or glycosylation might follow before the proteins undergo quality control then violin to other sites such as the Golgi.

In contrast to the role of the rough ER, the smooth ER is necessary in the synthesis of membrane lipids or your precursors i.e. Because that glycerol phospholipids, ceramide and also cholesterol.

Additionally, the smooth ER is associated in the line of lipids via the production of steroid hormones (from cholesterol) and also lipid-soluble compounds v its resident enzymes.

Some of these structurally ideal lipids and glycoproteins room exported right into the Golgi.

The Golgi has actually a similar but perhaps much more extensive function than the ER – the is compelled for glycoprotein handling through the synthesis and subsequent enhancement of carbohydrate residues i.e. Glycosylation. Glycoproteins which have actually been processed and imported from the ER might be subject to even further alteration in the Golgi.

Lipid metabolism likewise occurs in the Golgi. This requires using ceramide synthesized and also imported native the ER come synthesize sphingomyelin and also glycolipids.

Following the synthetic of these modified compounds, the Golgi sorts castle into different kinds of deliver vesicles to supply their materials to your cellular destinations — one of two people lysosomes, or the plasma membrane or are retained within the Golgi.

Relationship v Lysosomes

Lysosomes space membrane-bound oribel containing a collection of hydrolytic enzymes referred to as acid hydrolases. These have actually the ability to digest intracellular macromolecules such together proteins, lipids and also sugars.

The to work of the Golgi apparatus and also ER room both so carefully linked to the lysosomes the together, these entities compose the endomembrane system. Interestingly, lysosomal development relies ~ above the joint donation of the ER and Golgi.

The Golgi is responsible because that the development of lysosomes. Once vesicles bud turn off from the trans-Golgi and fuse with endosomes, lysosomes are formed.

In contrast, the ER is wherein the lysosomal hydrolases room synthesized. Climate they are transported come the Golgi, and also are tagged because that the lysosomes by the addition of mannose-6-phosphate label.

Intracellular Location

Part the the ER is constant with the atom envelope of the cell. Much more specifically, the density of stormy ER is greater near the nucleus and Golgi apparatus whilst the smooth ER appears to be located evenly throughout the cell.

On the various other hand, the Golgi is no directly connected with the cell nucleus – instead, the is located in the cytosol the the cabinet in nearby proximity to the turbulent ER (therefore, likewise near the nucleus of the cell).


British society for cell Biology on endoplasmic Reticulum and also Golgi apparatus:

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