force exerted through the beat is 45 kN and also that a 55-MPa typical shearing anxiety is required to reason the product to fail.

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43.41 mm


thickness of sheet, t = 6 mm

Force exerted by punch, F = 45 KN

Average shearing stress, T = 55 MPa

From typical shearing stress T = force F / Area A

Hsnucongo.orgce area = force/stress =45000/ 55 =


From area = pi*diameter*thickness

diameter = area/(pi* thickness)

= 818.18/(3.142*6)

= 43.41 mm

An thing is inserted perpsnucongo.orgdicular come the the major axis the convex lsnucongo.orgs of focal lsnucongo.orggth 8,the street of the object from the


v = 24 cm and also inverted image

Explanation: that,

The focal distance lsnucongo.orggth that the object, f = +8 cm

Object distance, u = -12 cm

We require to uncover the position &nature the the image​. Let v it is in the image distance. Utilizing lsnucongo.orgs formula to find it :


Put all the values,


So, the picture distance native the lsnucongo.orgs is 24 cm.



The an adverse sign that magnification mirrors that the formed image is inverted.

A stable, binary ionic link exists wherein the cation (A) has actually a charge twice in magnitude than that of the anion (X). What wou
Since the cation (A) has a charge twice in magnitude than that the the anion (X), you can say the magnitude of the charge of the cation is 2c, while the size of the fee of the anion is c. Also remember that cations are optimistic ions, for this reason the charge would certainly be +2c, and also that anions are negative ions, therefore the charge would be -c.A binary ionic link of A and also X would need to have a net fee of zero. If A has actually a +2c charge, friend would require two X anions to offset every A cation, for this reason the formula would be:
The easiest formula would certainly be 

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