Recall the acids come in two different forms: Binary acids and Oxyacids(or oxoacids).

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A binary acidis a covalent link that consists of an H+ ion connected to an adverse ion.

An oxyacid is a covalent link that has an H+ ion connected to a polyatomic ion comprise oxygen.

Rules because that Naming Binary Acids:

a. The prefix will certainly be hydro-

b. Usage the base nameof the nonmetal (anion)


Determine the surname for aqueous HBr.

A) bromic acid

B) bromous acid

C) hydrogen bromate

D) hydrobromic acid

E) hydrobromous acid

Q.Which of the following shows both the exactly formula and the correct name of one acid?A. HClO2 , caloric acidB. HNO2 , hydronitrous acidC. H3PO4 , pho...
Q.Determine the name for HClO3.A) hydrochlorus acidB) chloric acidC) perchloric acidD) hydrochloric acidE) chlorate acid
Q.Determine the names because that N2O5 and also HNO3.a. Nitrogen pentoxide and also nitrous acidb. Nitrogen oxide and also nitric acidc. Nitrogen (IV) oxide and also hydronit...
Q.What is the correct surname for HCIO 4a. Hydrogen perchlorateb. Perchlorous acidc. Perchloric acidd. Chloric acide. Chlorous acid
Q.Which of the following statements is correct.i. The formula for hydrosulfurous acid is H2SO3ii. The correct name for HBrO3 is bromic acidiii. The symb...

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