Washington , July 25 (ANI): American singer Adam Levine is bald as soon as again.According to page Six, the 41-year-old "Maroon 5" frontman debuted his new look in the band"s brand-new "Nobody"s Love" music video, which was released on Thursday night (local time).This is no Levine"s an initial time walking smooth-scalped; the command singer has actually rocked plenty of hairstyles in current years. That has also sported a range of hairstyles native mohawk to a bleached-blond look come a bald one in 2016.The clean-shaven look, however, is a clear departure from his usual short brown hair.He is yet to attend to the brand-new about his new style. And his bald format was additionally on display screen in his new Ferrari campaign, which co-star"s the singer"s design wife Behani Prinsloo. (ANI)

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