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Brad Pitt, former British international Secretary wilhelm Hague and UN distinct Envoy Angelina Jolie at the an international Summit to finish Sexual Violence in Conflict. Flickr/Foreign and also Commonwealth Office, CC by

But as Pitt’s wife Angelina Jolie knows far better than most people, international law is clear around whether sexual consent is feasible when civilians are confronted with armed soldiers.

Rape has been a war crime because the 1800s, however the definition of what is considered rape has actually been clarified in the late 20th century, specifically by the Rwandan and Yugoslav international Tribunals.

The Akayesu situation at the worldwide Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ruled the “coercion might be inherent in certain circumstances, together as armed conflict or … army presence”.

exactly how sexual violence became provided as a crime versus humanity and how rapists to be prosecuted in ~ the international Criminal Tribunal for the previous Yugoslavia (ICTY).

While that is not ideal to constantly portray females as victims, or as incapable of sex-related autonomy, the circumstances in rage are definitely inherently coercive.

If the movie starred a various A-list actor, every this wouldn’t be fairly so surprising. But Pitt is clearly aware the the issue of wartime sexual violence.

Jolie is a unique Envoy because that the United nations High Commissioner for human being Rights. In June this year she co-chaired the global Summit to end Sexual Violence in Conflict, and Pitt joined her.

She likewise works v the preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, consisting of with rape survivors, because that which she was freshly awarded one honorary damehood by Queen Elizabeth.

Jolie has stated that rape in war “has naught to perform with sex, whatever to do with power”. The is specifically power that is the paper definition of the rape in Fury.

Angelina Jolie’s speech at opened of finish Sexual Violence in problem summit in June 2014.

Pitt might have preferred to to mark this in media interviews around the film. Yet as much as I have seen, that hasn’t, instead largely focusing on the film’s realism and the “real leadership” his character showed“.

The 50-year-old father of six was additionally happy for his 13-year-old child Maddox to check out the R-rated film.

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"He’s a people War II buff,” Pitt told linked Press. “The civilization is a beautiful place, yet it’s also a very violent place. Us talk about it afterward, so I’m not so opposed.”

Here’s hope Pitt talked with his son about the seemingly emotional “sex scene” in rage – and also that that starts considering what messages it sends out to the wider community.