The Bella Twins" twist is looking identical to assist each other win, however the twin-switching regime no longer works.

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But v their farming characters and also skills, probably becoming an ext individual is a an excellent thing.

The Bella twins signed v the WWE in 2007, after originally not make the reduced to show up in the 2006 Diva Search. Once signed, they honed your craft in Florida Championship Wrestling, moving to the SmackDown roster in 2008. Both Bellas went on to win the Divas title on different occasions.

It was the twin gimmick that introduced them to WWE fans, as Brie, who debuted first, would certainly disappear under rings throughout bouts, just to come earlier out feather refreshed. This was component of their "Twin Magic," the capability to seamlessly—and unknowingly—switch back and forth in between the 2 to gain the top hand and also the victory.

It didn"t constantly work.

The switching didn’t get Brie the win over WWE Divas Champion eve in April 2011, but Nikki nevertheless caused enough distraction to assist her sister gain the pin. In Nikki"s location match, the bout to be a LumberJill affair, therefore "Twin Magic" was once again subdued.

The twins did properly utilize their switch tactic in a current win end Kaitlyn. However realistically, the totality routine is bound come fail because of Nikki"s recent breast enhancement surgery. Exactly how long deserve to the WWE neglect the noticeable difference between the two and still traction the switcheroo stunt?


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Not for much longer.

Continuing the charade against the noticeable is an humiliation to WWE fans. Yes, rings survives on suspending disbelief. Yet even so, there need to be something that grounds the spectacle in reality.

The Killer Bees space a perfect example of this.

The "80s tag team included "Jumpin" Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair, both of whom wore equivalent black and yellow strip trunks and also boots. The two males looked different in your faces, but their bodies were really similar.

During your bouts they would certainly escape to the floor and also don similar striped masks. Upon their return to the ring, they were able to move in and out of the match, much like the Bella pair do. The referee would be can not to call the two men apart, providing them an advantage to victory the match.

This is where fact came right into play through suspension the disbelief. It was believable that, with their masks on, Brunzell and also Blair could be mistaken because that each other. 

It merely doesn"t work-related for the Bella pair anymore. It"s difficult to failure one for the other when a glaring difference between the 2 is sticking out for every to see.

The good thing is, Nikki and also Brie don"t require "Twin Magic" anymore. V a Divas title every under your belts and also solid personality development, the pair are an excellent enough without it. In the 2011 PWI mrs 50, Brie was ranked No. 21, ahead of Melina, Gail Kim, Jazz and Maryse.

Nikki, of course, pinned WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn top top the April 15 execution of Raw. Also though the pen came through her sister"s help, a victory is tho a win. A victory like that might earn Nikki a location shot sooner rather than later.

It comes under to this: The ladies in the WWE acquire very small television time. The WWE shouldn"t rubbish any an ext of it advertise an unrealistic switching gimmick between two easy-to-differentiate twins. Instead, that priceless time should be spent on Nikki and Brie"s cultivation individual an abilities in the ring.

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With so plenty of of the Divas as faces, the Bella Twins should be driven in their duties as heels. They could proceed their involvement v Team Rhodes Scholars, developing a pretty balance to the of lots of Funk and the Funkadactyls. Placed the tags team belts on Rhodes Scholars and have Nikki and Brie trade the Divas title back and forth—when one loses it, the other wins it.