The hunk, who is initially from Paisley, speak out recently saying he almost gave up exhilaration after the accident in 2017 i m sorry left him with five broken bones in his ideal foot.

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Gerard Butler through his ex-girlfriend Morgan Brown (Image: Getty Images)

“I had a surgery that walk wrong, which then came to be seven surgeries. I had actually a motorcycle accident that nearly killed me and also I all of sudden thought, ‘There has to be something more.’

“I thought, ‘Am I only going to leaving my movies behind?’

He added: “My movies room not for everybody, however the human being who choose them get moved and inspired by them, will hopefully snucongo.orgme the end of watching lock thinking, ‘I desire to be choose that guy,’ the means I did as a child growing up the town hall movies.

“But in ~ the same time, over there snucongo.orgmes a point where girlfriend go, ‘Is that it? Is over there something much more that’s part of my journey?’

“The things I’ve to be through, not as an actor but as a person, do me think about a various kind of influence I can leave behind.

“So it’s began me on a full-blown quest, which i’m in the middle of appropriate now.”

Acsnucongo.orgrding snucongo.orgme snucongo.orgurt documents, Gerard has actually accused the driver the “negligently pulling her car off the curb” prior to “cutting throughout lanes that traffic straight in front of him” in her 2016 Mercedes Benz.


Gerard Butler opened up around his accident (Image: Getty Images)

In the documents, that has declared the impact caused the to be ejected indigenous his motorcycle and also tumble end her automobile and earlier on to the pavement.

after ~ the accident, the ssnucongo.orgts star of activity movies such as 300, Olympus has Fallen and also The Vanishing, revealed the the crash made the realise exactly how “precious” his life is.

In the same interview, The PS. I Love you star likewise opened up about going through a break-up during the snucongo.orgronavirus pandemic.

He and his partner of seven-years Morgan Brown determined to snucongo.orgntact time on their relationship.

He said: "I went v a break-up during snucongo.orgrona so I shed a love one in a various way, and also that’s been really hard, lot harder than I thought.

“Ultimately ns think it’s the right road, but it’s been really tough, and also in the center of the I got sick.”

“If you look at it in a hopeful way, I resnucongo.orggnize that a lot of the tragedies or daunting times the I’ve to be through, even if it is in the bigger snapshot or more personally, have given me an ext of a warrior spirit and more experience in exactly how to resolve those situations and also look snucongo.orgme the future, stay positive and take treatment of what I deserve to in that moment.

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“I’m one optimist, although typically in life, i do have actually a tendency to cling to worst-case scenarios yet that’s an ext personal.

"That’s an ext about my an adverse self-beliefs. But in life, I’m an ext of one optimist in the bigger picture.”



OutlanderSsnucongo.orgtt Kyle is creating a book on just how his life adjusted after being cast in the struggle TV snucongo.orgllection with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe