You have To speak to Me Dragon: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts about Step brother Adam McKay"s hilarious action Brothers is destined to end up being a cult classic. We share the making-of story of this will Ferrell-John C. Reilly comedy.

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Adam McKay’s Step Brothers is among the many delightfully absurdist and outright hilarious comedies in recent memory. McKay had just collaborated through Will Ferrell and also John C. Reilly ~ above Talladega Nights, and also found your on-screen chemistry to be so palpable and also fun that he wanted to come up with one more vehicle because that them.

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From this springboard, he come up through the story of 2 immature guys in your forties who never ever left home and have to find out to live together as soon as their parents obtain married. Richard Jenkins and Mary Steenburgen verified to be the perfect comic foils for the duo. Here are 10 fascinating details behind the making of Step Brothers.

Talladega Nights
Adam McKay, will certainly Ferrell, and John C. Reilly got together during the post-production procedure of their previous collaboration, Talladega Nights, come brainstorm ideas for their next project.

The next day, as soon as McKay remained in the cutting room, that overheard someone speak the term “bunk beds,” and also suddenly got the idea because that Ferrell and also Reilly to play a pair that adult stepbrothers who never relocated out of your parents’ houses.

once the casting process was underway for Step Brothers, Jon Hamm and also Thomas Lennon both auditioned come play Derek, Brennan’s douchey organic brother. They to be both ~ above the shortlist through Adam Scott, who at some point clinched the role.

Before the function of Nancy was given to mary Steenburgen, the producers available the part to Lesley Ann Warren, who had actually to turn it down because the shooting schedule the Step Brothers conflicted v that of her TV series, In plain Sight.

john C. Reilly learned to play the drums for his performance in the movie Georgia, which connected music being videotaped live for certain scenes, so he did all his very own drumming in Step Brothers. Will certainly Ferrell did every his own singing, too.

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The prosthetic testicles that Ferrell rubbed everywhere Dale’s drums cost roughly $10,000 to create to together a reality standard. Together a joke, castle were offered to Ferrell as a sheathe gift.

7 Uptown Girl’s Backing band Is play By Elvis Costello’s Band

The drum collection used by Uptown Girl, the ‘80s-era Billy Joel cover band the plays the Catalina wine Mixer, is the exact same drum set owned by Dale. The command singer the the band, who throws a hissy fit and also gets kicked off-stage, is play by SNL’s Horatio Sanz.

The drummer and bass player who can be seen supporting him are played by real musicians — Davey Faragher and also Pete Thomas — who space members that Elvis Costello’s Imposters.

Adam McKay’s directing style entails improv and throwing the end lines in ~ the actors, so his scenes end up being a lot longer than they were in the script. As a an outcome of this process, the very first cut the Step Brothers finished up clocking in at five hours long.

It’s not uncommon for the initial reduced of a movie to come in a small on the long side, however gee whiz! McKay and his editor Brent White managed to trim it under to a cool 98 minutes for the theatrical release.

5 man C. Reilly Met Richard Jenkins when He Was A Kid

in the direction of the finish of shoot Step Brothers, Richard Jenkins heard that man C. Reilly’s dad functioned in the linen market in the Chicago area.

Jenkins had additionally worked in the linen business in Chicago, and he later realized that actually functioned for Reilly’s father. He had even met a four-year-old Reilly in 1969. You will do it been play father and also son for weeks without realizing they’d currently met.

In 2011, Adam McKay announced on Twitter that will certainly Ferrell and also John C. Reilly had begun work ~ above a rap album as their Step Brothers characters, Brennan and Dale. It most likely would’ve been released by their label, prestige Worldwide, and could’ve contained a “Boats ‘n’ Hoes” track.

Unfortunately, McKay later shown that the album didn’t come together, and also they’d all made decision not come go through with it.

3 You deserve to See The yes, really Catalina Island In The background Of The Catalina alcohol Mixer Scene

The Catalina wine Mixer sequence wasn’t in reality filmed on Catalina Island. According to manager Adam McKay’s commentary, the crew go a place scout that Catalina Island and he didn’t choose the means it looked, therefore they shot on the coastline instead.

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In some shots, you have the right to see Catalina Island in the background at the Catalina wine Mixer, and McKay assumed it would be funnier if it wasn’t digitally removed. The popular of this movie inspired an actual annual Catalina wine Mixer occasion to it is in held, beginning in 2015.

mary Steenburgen played will Ferrell’s mom in Step Brothers, having previously played his stepmom in the Christmas classic Elf. Despite this, Steenburgen is actually only 14 years older than Ferrell, therefore she’s lot too young to it is in his mother.

By contrast, Richard Jenkins is 18 year older 보다 John C. Reilly, i m sorry is a little better, but Robert is a doctor, therefore it’s unlikely the he had his son at the period of 18. Either way, the chemistry between the four actors is incredible, therefore their age doesn’t yes, really matter.

1 There have Been Discussions about A Sequel

end the years, Adam McKay, will certainly Ferrell, and also John C. Reilly have been constantly asked about the possibility of a sequel to Step Brothers. The trio have constantly maintained a never-say-never stance on a potential sequel, and also have confirmed that castle have debated doing a follow-up.

They have actually a an easy idea because that the plot — Dale and also Brennan space married through kids, contempt matured, and get pushed ago to square one (there’s likewise been talk of castle moving right into a retirement home) — but the many recent native is, unfortunately, that a sequel no in the cards.

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