Main difference – Bohr vs Quantum Model

Various researchers proposed various models to explain the structure of one atom. Bohr and also quantum models room two together models. Bohr design is an progressed model, however it failure to describe some impacts such together Zeeman effect and also Stark effect that were observed in heat spectra of large atoms. Quantum version is taken into consideration as the modern-day model to describe the framework of one atom. The key difference between Bohr model and also Quantum design is that Bohr model explains the particle habits of one electron conversely, quantum model explains the wave-particle duality of an electron.

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1. What is Bohr Model – Definition, Concept, Drawbacks 2. What is Quantum Model – Definition, Concept 3. What is the Difference between Bohr and Quantum Model – to compare of key Differences

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What is Bohr Model

Bohr design is an atomic design that was proposed by Niels Bohr (in 1915) to explain the framework of an atom. The is taken into consideration as a modification of the Rutherford model. This model is much more advanced than Rutherford design which walk not define the motion of electrons along electron shells about the nucleus. Bohr model also explains the these electron shells are located at discrete power levels.

Bohr version was emerged with observations of the line spectra of the hydrogen atom. As result of the presence of discrete present in the heat spectra, Bohr stated that the orbitals of one atom have fixed energies and electrons deserve to jump native one energy level to the various other while emitting or absorbing energy, resulting in a heat in the heat spectra.

Concepts in Bohr Model

The electrons move around the cell core in spherical orbitals which have a solved size and energy.The power of an orbital is concerned its size.The smallest orbit has the shortest energy.The atom is fully stable when electrons room at the lowest energy level.Electrons have the right to move indigenous one energy level to an additional by absorbing or releasing energy in the type of radiation.

Figure 1: Bohr Model

Bohr model perfectly fits the hydrogen atom, which has actually a single electron and also a small positively charged nucleus. However there are few drawbacks the Bohr version when explaining the atomic structure of atoms various other than Hydrogen. Bohr model might not explain Zeeman effect (effect the magnetic field on the atomic spectrum) or stark impact (effect of electrical field ~ above the atom spectrum). This model additionally cannot describe the line spectra of large atoms.

What is Quantum Model

Quantum model is one atomic version which is thought about as the modern-day atomic model to explain the structure of an atom accurately. It can define the results that could not be described by the Bohr model.

Quantum model defines the wave-particle duality of an electron. Return the quantum design is lot harder to recognize than Bohr model, the accurately explains observations regarding huge or complex atoms. This quantum model is based upon quantum theory. Follow to quantum theory, one electron has actually particle-wave duality and it is impossible to situate the precise position that the electron (uncertainty principle).


Figure 2: Spatial framework of atomic Orbitals

It additionally states that orbitals space not always spherical. The orbitals have particular shapes for various energy levels and also are 3D structures. Follow to quantum model, an electron deserve to be offered a name through the usage of quantum numbers. Four species of quantum numbers are supplied in this:

Principle quantum number, n (this explains the average distance that the orbit from the nucleus and also the energy level.)Angular inert quantum number, ns (this describes the form of the orbital.)Magnetic quantum number, ml (this describes the orientation of orbitals in the space.)Spin quantum number, multiple sclerosis (this defines the rotate of an electron in a magnetic field and also the wave features of the electron.

Difference in between Bohr and Quantum Model


Bohr Model: Bohr model is one atomic design that to be proposed by Niels Bohr (in 1915) to define the structure of one atom.

Quantum Model: Quantum design is one atomic version that is thought about as the contemporary atomic design to describe the framework of one atom accurately.


Bohr Model: Bohr model describes the particle actions of one electron.

Quantum Model: Quantum model explains the wave-particle duality of one electron.

Quantum Numbers

Bohr Model: Bohr model does not give information about quantum numbers.

Quantum Model: Quantum model explains quantum numbers.

Other Effects

Bohr Model: Bohr design cannot explain Zeeman effect and Stark impact in heat spectra.

Quantum Model: Quantum model describes the Zeeman effect and also Stark effect.


Bohr model and quantum version are 2 models in chemistry the are offered to define the structure of one atom. Bohr version shows some drawbacks i m sorry are explained by the quantum model. Therefore, quantum version is taken into consideration as the contemporary model for atomic structure. This is the difference between Bohr and also quantum model.

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