The significant difference between combinational and sequential reasonable circuit is the the combinational reasonable circuit is composed of just logic gates while the sequential logic circuits consist of of logic gates and memory elements.

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Another an essential factor which differentiates combinational and sequential logic circuit is the state of calculation elements. The state of the output facets of the combinational circuit counts on only current state the the entry elements. On the contrary, the output obtained from sequential circuit depends on the present state that the input as well as past state the the output.

We will discuss other an important difference between combinational and sequential reasonable circuit through the aid of to compare chart, but before that let’s have actually a look at the topics extended in this article.

Content: Combinational and also Sequential logic Circuit

Comparison Chart

ParametersCombinational reasonable CiruitSequential reasonable Circuit
DefinitionIt is a reasonable circuit i beg your pardon generates calculation based upon existing inputs.It is logic circuit which generates output based on present input and past output.
Memory ElementMemory aspect is not present in combinational logic circuit.Memory facet is present in sequential reasonable circuit.
Feedback loopFeedback loop is not present.Feedback loop is present.
Output obtainedCombination of operands not vital in same sequence.Sequence that operands is necessary in sequential circuit.
ExamplesHalf Adder, complete Adder, Encoder, decoder, multiplexer, demultiplexer etc.Finite state machine


Combinational logic Circuit

The combinational logic circuit comprises of logic gates and thus the output obtained is straight related to the input. There are no feedback facets in case of the Combinational reasonable circuit. Words combinational is derived from the word combination which way two or more elements linked together by method of solitary operation.


A combinational logic circuit has actually NAND, NOR, and also NOT logic gates. These are the building blocks the the digital circuitry. A combinational circuit provides the range of work such as the arithmetic operation of two operands, infection of data, switch of code etc.

With the assist of reasonable gates, the combinational circuit performs an procedure like addition, individually or code conversion indigenous binary to BCD, BCD come binary etc. The output of the combinational logic circuit deserve to be defined in various means such as Boolean algebra, reality table, and logic gates.

The combinational circuit deserve to take any number of input and also the output generated from the circuitry is dependent on the state that the input. Any adjust in the input will likewise be reflected in the calculation terminals.

Various types of combinational circuit exist among which multiplexer and demultiplexer are the significant ones i beg your pardon are supplied in assorted applications. Various other combinational circuits are the encoder, decoder, fifty percent adder, full adder, Binary to BCD converter etc.

Sequential reasonable Circuit

The sequential reasonable circuit additionally involves memory elements along with the reasonable gates. Thus, the output generated by the sequential circuit relies not only on the existing state that the intake but also on the ahead outputs.


The sequential circuit involves intake of feedback loops, through the assist of this the state of the previous output is recorded. Thus, the following output is regulated by the state the the ahead output. The memory existing in the sequential circuit keeps the track of the output and the thus, the output is produced.

The indigenous sequential is acquired from the word sequence which way in a identify order. To understand the procedure of the sequential circuit let’s take an example of television circuitry. The tv is also a type of sequential circuit. The keys easily accessible in remote to adjust the channel or up and down secrets to readjust the volume, this entire procedure is sequential.

When you pick a details channel the tv receiver keeps the monitor of the formerly selected channel and according come that, the following channel is selected.

Sequential circuits space the an essential unit of digital circuits. The most popular instance of the sequential circuit is the finite state machine. There space basically, two species of Sequential Circuit, one is synchronous and the other is Asynchronous Sequential circuit.

Synchronous Sequential reasonable Circuit is the one in which the output is created with the input and the clock signal. A clock signal is provided in the identify time interval. ~ above the contrary, the asynchronous sequential logic circuit generates the solution at any kind of time whenever over there is a readjust in the entry terminals.

Key Differences between Combinational and Sequential reasonable Circuit

The Combinational and sequential logic circuit, both are the building block of the digital circuits however the presence of memory aspects creates the major difference. The combinational reasonable circuit does no possess any kind of memory aspect while the sequential logic circuit comprises the the storage elements.The output acquired from combinational and also sequential reasonable circuit also varies from every other. The output generated from the combinational circuit is the role of the present inputs only. Yet the output derived from the sequential circuit is dependant top top the current input and also the past output.The feedback loop is not current in situation of combinational reasonable circuits. However the sequential logic circuit must comprise of that in order to track the past output.The Clock signal is not used in the combinational circuit however sequential uses clock to administer synchronization.The designing procedure of the combinational circuit is much simple as compared to that of the sequential circuit.

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The combinational and sequential reasonable circuit is designed come meet different applications. Yet practically, many circuits usage the mix of combinational as well as the sequential circuit to satisfy their needs. The combinational circuit will administer the output based upon the function of the input. ~ above the contrary, the sequential circuit will generate the output based upon the state of the memory element. The keeps the track of the past input and also the vault outputs.