The main difference in between structured and object oriented programming is the structured programming permits developing a program using a collection of modules or functions, while thing oriented programming permits constructing a regimen using a set of objects and also their interactions.

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A computer program is a set of instructions the instruct the CPU to execute a defined task. We can write computer programs using various programming languages. Furthermore, a programming paradigm is a way of categorizing a programming language depending upon its features. Two such paradigms are structured and object oriented programming.

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1. What is Structured Programming – Definition, functionality 2. What is thing Oriented Programming – Definition, use 3. Difference in between Structured and also Object Oriented Programming – comparison of crucial Differences

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C Language, Modular Programming, object Oriented Programming, Structured Programming


What is Structured Programming

Structured Programming divides a program right into a collection of attributes or modules. Modular programming is another name for this. These attributes have statements taken on inside curly braces. Every of these functions performs a subtask. Usually, together each duty represents a details functionality, that is less complicated for the programmer come test and debug the code, but this can differ depending upon the program. C language and Pascal space two typical structured programming languages.


In the structured programming C, the user can produce his very own user-defined functions. The main duty calls the other functions. It shows the execution that the program. As soon as there is a function call, the manage is happen to the function. After completing the function, the regulate passes ago to the key program. Moreover, a variable inside a role is a regional variable, and global variables are available by every the functions.

What is object Oriented Programming?

Object oriented programming allows the programmer to represent real-world scenarios utilizing objects. An object is any entity that has states and also behaviours. States stand for the qualities or data of one object, vice versa, the approaches represent the behaviours of objects. Student, Employee, publication etc. Room objects. This objects communicate with various other objects by happen messages. Furthermore, a course is a blueprint for producing an object. That is necessary to have actually a course to develop objects. Because that example, to produce an Employee object, there must be an Employee class.


In addition to classes and also objects, there space four major pillars in OOP. They room as follows.

Encapsulation – binds or combines properties and methods into a solitary unit

Inheritance – enables a class to use properties and also methods that an already existing class

Polymorphism – allows an object to execute in multiple methods – Overloading and overriding are two ways of achieving polymorphism.

Abstraction – Hides the internal details and displays only the functionalities to the user – Moreover, abstract classes and also interfaces help to accomplish abstraction.

Overall, thing oriented programming makes it less complicated to develop the program. Furthermore, it offers data security, maintainability and code reusability.

Difference between Structured and Object Oriented Programming


Structured programming is a programming paradigm i m sorry divides the code into modules or function, if OOP is a programming paradigm based upon the concept of objects, i beg your pardon contain data in the kind of areas known together attributes, and code in the type of procedures known as methods. Thus, this defines the key difference between structured and also object oriented programming.

Main Focus

Furthermore, structured programming focuses on splitting the program into a set of features in i beg your pardon each duty works together a subprogram while thing oriented programming concentrates on representing a regime using a set of objects which encapsulates data and also object.


Moreover, it is an overwhelming to change the structured program while it is less complicated to modify the object Oriented programs.


In structured programming, the main an approach communicates with the attributes by call those features in the key program whereas, in thing oriented programming, the objects connect with each various other by passing messages. Hence, this is crucial difference in between structured and object oriented programming.

Access Specifiers

There are no accessibility specifiers in structured programming while over there are access specifiers such as private, public and also protected in thing Oriented Programming. Thus, this is also critical difference in between structured and also object oriented programming.


Besides, data is not secure in structured programming, yet it is for sure in thing oriented programming.

Code Reusability

Also, that is difficult to reuse code in structured programming, whereas the is easier to reuse code in thing oriented programming.


Overall, structured and object oriented programming room two significant programming paradigms. The main difference between structured and also object oriented programming is that structured programming help to construct a routine using a set of modules or attributes while object oriented programming help to build a regimen using a set of objects and their interactions.

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