A many anglers have actually a hard time informing the difference in between white bass and also white perch. And also as they look an extremely similar, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. So to aid you recognize your catch, I determined to create this helpful short article on the exciting topic of white base vs. White perch.

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Despite plenty of similarities, the is still feasible to phone call a white bass from a white perch. White bass will have several horizontal lines follow me their flanks, while white perch just have distinctive lateral lines. White perch likewise weigh much less than white bass, as their maximum weight is just 3lb.

If you desire to know an ext ways of informing the difference in between white bass and white perch, every you need to do is keep analysis this article!

What Is the Difference between White Bass and also White Perch?

White base (Morone chrysops), or silver bass, and also white perch (Morone americana) are closely related. The white perch isn’t an yes, really perch but belongs come the more comprehensive bass family. Hence, both types are component of theMoronidae, the warm basses.

That’s the reason for their close resemblance! Nonetheless, it is feasible to tell castle apart if you know where come look and what attributes to check.

Body Patterns

White bass with horizontal currently (Courtesy that Andre Charron)

One the the easiest methods of telling the 2 fish personal is by checking her catch’s flanks. If the fish has actually severalhorizontal, pass out stripes or linesalong both the its sides, you’ve captured yourself a white bass.

White perch totally lack this fairly distinct feature and also either haveno trends at all follow me their flanks or faint, dark and also often unevenly dispersed spots or barsalong the sides of your backs.

Lateral Line

Big white perch (under a small yellow perch) v the distinct lateral line (courtesy the Kelton Brooks)

However, many white perch will have an apparent and distinct line along their sides;their lateral line. This attribute will yes, really stick out on most fish, making that much more straightforward to determine your catch.

Of course, white bass also have a lateral line, yet theirs is most commonly veryfaint and also barely visibledue to the numerous other lines present along their flanks.


The distinction in body size can also be a dependable indicator once trying to recognize your catch. Of course, this just works with bigger fish!

The average length of white bass is about10 to 12 inches, when its typical weight is about1 pound. The median size that a white perch is around7-10 inches, and its average weight lies somewhere around8 to 10 ounces.

So, even though there is a slight difference in their average sizes, we need to look at their maximum length and also weight in stimulate to have the ability to tell castle apart.

The report maximum length of white base is17.7 inches, and it have the right to reach a maximum weight ofjust over 6lb. On the various other hand, white perch have a maximum length of15 inchesbut perform not exceed a weight ofabout 3lb, making them both the shorter and the substantially lighter varieties of the two.


The so-called fin test is one more reasonably sure method of informing the difference in between white bass and also white perch. Every you need to do is traction up or lift her catch’s dorsal fin (the spiny one ~ above its back).

As the white perch’s very first dorsal fin, the spiny one, and its 2nd dorsal fin, the soft one, are in some way connected, both fins will erect when you begin to elevator the fish’s an initial dorsal fin.

On the contrary, the white bass’ dorsal fins space not connected and also won’t erect simultaneously as soon as lifting the first dorsal fin.

So, if both dorsal fins space erect in ~ the same time, you recognize that you’ve recorded a white perch!

How come Fish because that White Bass?

A fat white bass (courtesy of Andre Charron)

Most white base are recorded on a light to medium-light rotate tackle the can encompass the following:

lighter jig head of about 1/4-1/2 ounce rigged v either smaller sized plastic curltails or minnowssmaller crankbaits such as the classic Red-L catch Hardbaitsmaller spoons such as the small George’s Spoons through Mann’s

They are ideal fished throughout the feather season once they start to migrate up the rivers come spawn. Her lures should be presented relatively close to the bottom, i beg your pardon is whereby the white base will hold up.

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How come Fish because that White Perch?

White perch (courtesy that David Huff)

Given their smaller size, white perch need light to ultra-light spinning tackle that can incorporate the following:

jigssmall spoonssmaller inline spinnerssmaller bucktail spinnerbaits

Many anglers likewise use on slide bobber rigs with smaller sized live baits to record them. This live baits because that white perch are:

nightcrawlersEuro larvaebloodwormssmall minnows

White perch generally hunt in large schools and will regularly go for her lures or baits quite aggressively because of the overwhelming competition of the school.

This method that when you have discovered the white perch, you have the right to expect to acquire a many action, together the bites deserve to be plentiful.

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What Is the biggest White Bass ever Caught?

There is not just one, buttwo people record white bassthat share the precise same load of 6lb 13oz. Among them was caught ago in 1989 in Lake Orange (Virginia) by angler Ronald Sprouse.

The other one was captured 21 year later, in 2010, in the Amite river (Louisiana) by an angler dubbed Corey Crochet.

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What Is the biggest White Perch ever before Caught?

The world’s best white perchwas captured in 2016 by angler Val Percuoco, that was fishing the Wachusett Reservoir (Massachusetts) and also got lucky enough to floor an really trophy fish.

His white perch weighed an significant 3lb 8oz, i m sorry is a substantial specimen, considering the median size of this species!

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