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Camden Maine A scenic coastal town, complete of distinctive shops, historical homes, and visiting sailboats. Watch Camden ME information
Camden Hills State Park "Where the Mountains satisfy the Sea", appropriate off US path 1. Watch Camden Hills information
Rockport, Maine A small coastal village with a scenic harbor park and also one of Maine"s ideal art galleries. View Rockport ME details
Rockland, Maine house to the country"s largest windjammer fleet, and also one of new England"s many respected arts museums. See Rockland ME details
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Only minutes south of Camden and collection a top a tiny ledge overlooking Penobscot Bay, the Ledges by The Bay offers affordable Maine Lodging v breathtaking ocean views.

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Our motel is the perfect holidays retreat because that families, individuals, or tiny groups who seek affordable waterfront lodging as part of your Maine shore vacation experience.

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How to gain to Camden - whether by air, automobile, train or boat, Camden, Maine is basic to find

Camden is a picturesque city in midcoastal Maine, nestled in ~ the foot that Camden Hills on Penobscot Bay. Located in between Portland and Bar Harbor, and less 보다 200 miles from Boston, Massachusetts, Camden Maine is situated on U.S. Course 1. Camden is about four hrs northeast that Boston and less than two hours from Portland, Maine.

By Automobile

By Automobile

From point out South take Interstate 95 north v NH to the Maine Turnpike (I-95N). Follow the Maine Turnpike to exit 44, I-295 NORTH towards SO. PORTLAND/PORTLAND DOWNTOWN. Monitor I-295N previous Portland. I-295N becomes I-95N. Follow I-295/I-95N approximately 18 mile to departure 28, BRUNSWICK/BATH/COASTAL ROUTE/U.S. Route 1. Take departure 28 to U.S. Path 1. Follow U.S. Course 1 north to route 90 just north the Waldoboro, Maine. Revolve left onto route 90. Follow course 90 until it meets through U.S. Route 1 in Rockport. Take it a left onto U.S. Path 1. Camden is simply 2 mile further straight on U.S. Course 1.

Alternate course from clues South This is additionally known as seaside U.S. Course 1 Bypass: drive North top top I-95 to exit 27 GARDINER - path 201. Follow course 201 right into Gardiner and also stay straight over bridge. At end of bridge, turn appropriate then take it the next left onto course 226. Follow route 226 until it ends and take a appropriate onto course 17. In West Rockport, path 17 intersects with course 90. Take a left onto route 90 and also drive until it meets through U.S. Path 1 in Rockport. Take it a left onto U.S. Course 1. Camden is simply 2 mile further directly on U.S. Route 1.

Yet Another alternating Route indigenous Points South countless visitors usage this route to bypass the hefty summer traffic on U.S. Route 1. Take I-95 to exit 109 AUGUSTA and follow route 17 eastern toward the City the Rockland. In West Rockport, path 17 intersects with route 90. Take it a left onto route 90 and also drive until it meets v U.S. Route 1 in Rockport, Maine. Take a left onto U.S. Path 1. Camden is simply 2 mile further directly on U.S. Route 1.

From clues North Drive south on interstate 95 indigenous Canada, take leave 45, heading eastern on I-395 in Bangor. Take it the an initial exit ramp right onto the route 202 bypass to Hampden. At the end of the bypass turn left onto course 9, and also at the irradiate turn right onto path 1A South. Course 1A ends at seaside U.S. Route 1 in Stockton Springs. Traveling southern will command you with Searsport, Belfast, Northport, and Lincolnville coast to Camden, Maine. Camden is directly on U.S. Path 1.

Alternate path from clues North native Quebec, Canada: take 73 south to 173 South. In ~ the U.S. Border, 173 south becomes 201 South. Leave 95 South, proceed to the City that Augusta. In Augusta, take17 eastern toward the city that Rockland. In West Rockport, course 17 intersects with path 90. Take a left onto course 90 and drive until it meets with U.S. Route 1 in Rockport. Take a left top top U.S. Route 1. Camden is just 2 miles further straight on U.S. Path 1.

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Traffic Alerts Occasionally, website traffic on Maine roadways is delay due to construction or vehicle mishaps. For the recent travel and traffic alert information, visit the Maine State department of Transportation"s website.