Crystal Lopez: have the right to an Alaskan Malamute have blue eyes?My Alaskan Malamute is blue-eyed, and also I am trying to find out if he yes, really is an Alaskan Malamute.

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Answer by verokiss09An Alaskan Malamute have the right to have blue eyes, however, it´s really rare to find. It´s favor saying "Can a German Shepherd be white?" Which it can, however, it´s very rare. As further information, as with white German Shepherds obtain euthanized as a infant from breeders since of your color and are not enabled in competitions, Alaskan Malamutes space not permitted in competitions for your eye color. However, love her dog no matter if it differs a little bit from other continual dogs of his breed, after all, the only thing that transforms is his eye color.

Answer by AshleyWe have an Alaskan Malamute through blue eyes and also according come our vet she was pure, she even had a pink, as a pup, in the hair (not skin) native chest to belly as proof; follow to the vet.

Answer through TomMy Alaskan Malamute has double registration (CKC and also AKC) and also he has actually crystal blue eyes. He was bought in Alaska native the top, well-known breeders (not scam artists looking come fool someone to get more money. Their reputations to be on the line) and they said me the I simply couldn"t placed him in competitions.

Answer by michelleAlaskan Malamutes can be blue-eyed and also I also had one Alaskan malamute and he to be a double surprise together we later uncovered out. He was white and had one blue eye and one blue/brown eye, and also he was a purebred Malamute; he is unable to do g=now but we had him for nearly 15 years, a great and lengthy life

Answer by jayyyReal Alaskan Malamutes perform not have actually blue eyes. Unless its one Alaskan/ Siberian husky. Climate yes that will have blue eyes. I have one Malamute and one Siberian and also read a lot on both breeds. Yes, they will tell you they space malamutes 100% as they price a lot more.

Answer through HeatherWe are going to look at a red malamute puppy following week when she will be 7 + weeks old. In ~ the minute she has actually bright blue eyes and also if she has actually them when we see them, we will walk away as tough as it will be. She is £800 and we will not pay the for a fault in the breed.

Answer by Lin EvansThe reason it’s a disqualification because that AKC mirrors is the if over there is a blue eye in one Alaskan Malamute, there is a Siberian, etc., in the woodpile. Purebred Alaskan Malamutes (regardless of documents which are conveniently forged by world who desire to market pups) carry out not have the gene for blue eyes. I began breeding Alaskan Malamutes (Frostwind – Naccome) in 1962 and also have extensive experience through the breed and also the each other history.

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Answer by neil25Our pup to be is a pure bread mal and he is a really distinguished black and white pup with electric blue eye so the proof is in the pudding

Answer by KrystalinI have a lot of of pet experience, and I"ve taken two years the vet classes. Alaskan Malamutes deserve to have blue eyes yet it is taken into consideration a flaw and is not accepted in dog shows.Visit other pages on our website!