Poop eating is never comfortable to imagine, allow alone witness. However maybe you’ve checked out your ball of fur do that. Probably you to be confused and grossed out like I was.

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After catching my Teddy execute this a couple of times, talking to other hamster owners, and also doing some research, I found out why this happens.

Turns out, over there is no reason to panic, and there’s in reality a very great reason this happens.


So why is her hamster eat his poop ?

The brief answer is the there are 2 species of poop. The regular, dried droppings the you uncover in his cage, and also then softer droppings that happen mostly at night.

When your hamster is eat his poop, the is eat the night poop. These are called caecotrophia and lock are important for her hammy. His night poop has a most vitamin B12 and it’s basically the only method for him to achieve that vitamin.

Also, because some nutrients room not soaked up by their bodies appropriately on the very first go, through eating their night poop they get more nutrients.

The B12 vitamin is only created by the hamster’s tiny intestine, yet it can only be took in into the body by the stomach. Therefore that way your hammy has actually to bring the poop earlier to the stomach by eating it.

That’s the quick version, and also it sounds sort of icky. Yet that’s what it is, and it is regular for your hamster. In reality a the majority of rodents do this, including the guinea pig, mice, and even rabbits.

Changing her hamster’s diet to avoid poop eating

It will not work. This is something that your hamster will do anyway, due to the fact that that is simply his programming from mommy nature. He requirements to digest and redigest some foods in stimulate to get all the benefits.

Even if you bring much more nutritional food for her hamster, he will still need to eat his poop sometimes, due to the fact that his human body is made the way. He demands to digest twice in stimulate to get all the nutrients.

I know that seeing her cute friend eat his poop could look and sound icky, however this is regular for him.

So let her hamster eat his night droppings, since it is a normal and healthy point for him come do.

If you desire to understand what come feed your hamster in general, read my food list article here. I’ll also cover what come not provide your hamster to eat, and also what treats he have the right to have.

The nutritional value of night poop

Your hamster demands his night poop for one very great reason. As soon as he eats something, the passes through his stomach and also gut, and he gets a part of the nutrition he needs.

Once that food forms into droppings and comes out, your hamster will eat it, to carry it earlier to his stomach so he have the right to get an ext nutrition indigenous it.

This is something her hamster does once he is a baby as well. As soon as the baby hamsters are born, their gut does no contain the crucial bacteria to breakdown their food. Also, they execute not automatically know what is food and what is not.

So, they will eat their mother’s night poop, to acquire the bacteria they require for their own gut. And additionally to find out what can be food.

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The dried poop you’re used to seeing

That’s the poop us all understand our hamsters have, and also the people you see in your cage once you clean the cage.

Those droppings are dry and also hard, and also sometimes your hamster can leave castle in weird places. I’ve watched Teddy poop in his food bowl, hoard poop in his house, and store the in his cheeks sometimes.

The oddest component was when we’d simply cleaned his cage, and we knew there to be no poop inside. After we placed him earlier into the cage, we saw 5 new droppings. The didn’t have actually time come poop, but he’d preserved them in his cheeks together with a little bit of food.

I’ve checked out him periodically throw the dry poop throughout his ‘room’, or even spit it the end of his cage. It’s never funny to action on a dried poop and only realize it after ~ a few minutes as soon as you feeling something weird on her sock.

But it happens, and also it’s component of owning a hamster.

Your hamster will not eat the dried poop, due to the fact that it has no nutritional value.

Your hamster could be pooping in his food

It’s strange, yet you’ll find the poop everywhere. Everywhere. In her hamster’s food bowl. In his home. In his sand bath.

You need to understand the animals, particularly rodents, don’t care about their droppings as much as people do.

With rodents, and also including your hamster and also mine, the poop happens almost everywhere they live. You’ll find a big amount in his nest, because that’s whereby he spends many of his time.

If her hamster’s cage smells, it’s no the poop. For people the dry poop the hamster provides is nearly odorless. What smells is where the hamster pees, i m sorry will normally be in a corner. If you’re not careful, continuously using the same edge for his needs will make the corner very hard to clean.

So I’d recommend getting some mineral sand for her hamster, and also placing a couple of tablespoons in the corners, for much easier cleaning. And also to trap odor together well.

Place the hamster cage to prevent a mess

This is something I’ve learned the tough way. I’ve always kept Teddy’s cage just on the carpet, and also found the end soon enough that the dry poop have the right to cling come the carpet. Even if it’s dry, it’s a little sticky.

And depending on the shade of her carpet, you could not know it’s there until you squished it right into the fibers.

So what I’d recommend is what i did, i beg your pardon is save the cage top top a item of cardboard, or cloth that can quickly be cleaned or also just shaken clean.

Your hamster will probably spit out part dry poop about his cage, in addition to some stray bedding. And also while poop is simpler to acquire rid of, bedding is choose glitter. 4 months later on you still have bedding roughly the house, and also you’ll find it in your pants together well.

So make certain you location the cage on other that can be removed easily, and is simple to clean.

As because that the cage itself, inspect out my article on the finest cages because that hamsters. You’ll see the pros and also cons of each cage type, and which have the most bedding spill-over.

For much more info on how to properly care for your little hamster friend, girlfriend can inspect out this 15 important steps. You’ll get whatever from what sort of food come what temperature that needs, and how to figure out what kind of hamster you’ve got.

A word native Teddy

I recognize this is no a topic you want to think about very much, but this is common for us.

We require the night poop to gain all the nutrients we deserve to from our food. This walk not average you’re no feeding us best ! It’s just that we need to do this, since of the means we’re made.

I hope you’ll tho see united state as the cute sphere of fluff you’re provided to, and also let us perform our point in peace.

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If you desire to know more about us hamsters, and also what the bet cage would be, or why we require a particular temperature in the room, and also even why we’re night creatures, friend can inspect the short articles below. You’ll find more quality content on hamster care and facts.