Bed bugs room nocturnal, reddish-brown insects that feed top top the blood the humans and other warm-blooded animals. This wingless insects have dorsoventrally flattened bodies that enable them come hide in areas such together floor cracks, carpets, beds and also upholstered furniture.

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A bed bug's life starts with an egg, serial like and also milky white in color. Female bed bugs lay in between one and five eggs every day and also may lie approximately 500 egg within one lifetime. Eggs are laid singly or in clusters and also are put within tight cracks or crevices. The egg is around 1 mm in length and also is comparable in dimension to two grains of salt. Within two weeks, eggs hatch and immature bed bugs begin immediately to feed.



These young bed bugs, or nymphs, happen through 5 molts before reaching maturity. Although nymphs appear similar to adults, castle are smaller in size and are not yet sexually mature. Young nymphs are additionally yellow-white in color, if older nymphs and also adults are reddish-brown. In bespeak to complete a molting stage, each nymph calls for a blood meal. In ~ room temperature, nymphs molt and become adult within five weeks.


Upon getting to maturity, bed bug adults often make weekly feedings.

How lengthy Do castle Live?

The life expectancy of a bed pest most frequently ranges from four to six months. However, part bed bugs may live up to a year under cool conditions and with no food.

How to determine Bed Bugs?

Learn what Bed Bugs look at like, and also how to detect if you have a Bed pest Infestation.

How execute you gain Bed Bugs?

Find out exactly how Bed Bugs infiltrate her home and where they are attracted to.

How severe are Bed Bugs?

Learn about Bed an insect bites. Your feces and how castle can impact your health.

What does

Learn exactly how handles Bed Bugs, homeopathic cures and also the expense of Bed pest extermination services.


Protect Your home from Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs in Pillows

What carry out Bed pest Bites look Like?

Causes the a bed pest infestation. Hotel? supplied Furniture?


To my knowledge, bed bugs don't just disappear, i beg your pardon is what renders me think the they might be bat bugs or bird bugs. Help!

Bed bugs or rat mites?


How execute we phone call if we have actually rat mites?

Brought home bed bugs native hotel


I have actually a hesitation that I lugged home bed bugs native a hotel I remained in for occupational a week ago. Ns haven’t seen any “live” bugs crawling. I’ve looked everywhere. Do I need to have actually someone come and also fumigate?

Bed bugs in the mattress


My fiance and I were gaining bitten ~ above our legs a few months ago. I searched for bed bugs and also tried flea traps yet couldn’t find anything. Eventually it stopped, but I started getting bitten again a few nights ago.

What's the best/worst atmosphere for bed bugs?


What is the pure worst case scenario for bedbugs?

Bed an insect chemicals: exactly how safe and also how often?


What species of chemistry does your company use to assist control bed bugs? there is a cat and also a woman who is pregnant who stays downstairs that ns am concerned about the communication with this pesticides.

Are there over-the-counter treatments for bed bugs?


What over-the-counter therapy I have the right to buy come prevent and get rid that bugs?

Bed Bugs in Mattress Covers

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