you probably recognize that Adam’s apples are found on women and also men castle just display up much more prominently in men.

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What about dogs

Do dogs have Adams apples?

Anatomy of A Dog’s Throat

before us answer the question let’s take a closer look in ~ dog neck to gain a clean idea


Your dog’s neck anatomy is quite comparable to yours.

You’re familiar with the anatomical state trachea, larynx, epiglottis, and esophagus

your dog share them and also they duty in lot the same method as her do.

Your dog’s neck anatomy starts with the pharynx, the i lined v membranes between the nose and also throat.

Do Dogs have Adams Apples

The short answer is YES,

Dogs do have an “Adam’s Apple.” it is called the larynx and sits in the prior of the neck listed below the chin.

explains Dr. Forsythe, a veterinarian functioning for Broadway veterinary Hospital & Wellness facility in Sonoma, California.


Depending on several factors, the cricoid cartilage, the component of the pet’s swallowing apparatus that you can feel ~ above palpation, have the right to protrude a lot and resembles a firm mass.

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How to inspect Your Dog because that Adams Apples

Feel for her dogs’ airway through your thumb and forefinger.

Move her hand follow me the windpipe (trachea) until you feel the huge firm cartilage in the center of the neck.


This is the larynx“Adam’s Apple.”. In palpation, friend should uncover that with mild push your dog shows no discomfort and doesn’t cough.

You don’t usually notice it because it is smaller than yours and because the is spanned up v fur.

Not Every tiny Bump You feel In your Dog’s Neck Is an Adam’s apple

It can be a lump.

lumps on a dog’s throat may be discovered in different locations.

the lump may be little or large. Some lumps feel soft, squishy and also moveable, others might feel an ext solid and also firmly attached.

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Often, the vet will remove some cell from the lump v a well needle. She’ll then look at them under the microscope. Occasionally she can tell best away if it’s a fatty tumor.