PURCHASE, N.Y., march 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- snucongo.org, Inc.

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(NASDAQ: PEP) ("snucongo.org") this day announced that will carry out enhanced benefits to all U.S.-based employees and added compensation come U.S. Frontline employees – the women and men that make, move and also sell products – amidst the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The additional compensation covers an ext than 90,000 frontline employees at both snucongo.org Beverages north America (PBNA) and snucongo.org foods items North America (PFNA) and consists that a minimum of an incremental $100 every week for full time employees over the next month. Snucongo.org additionally announced it will hire 6,000 new, full-time, full-benefit frontline employees across the U.S. In the comes months.


"With COVID-19 reshaping the way we operation our business and live ours lives, it"s vital that we recognize the world keeping us steady during turbulent times, notably the heroic job-related of the countless doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals around the world," claimed Ramon Laguarta, chairman and also chief executive, management officer the snucongo.org. "At the exact same time, there is necessary work being done in other sectors, consisting of our own, to help maintain the it is provided of foods and also beverages. Us couldn"t be prouder of ours snucongo.org team for the duty they beat in tide pantries and refrigerators."

The amplified snucongo.org benefits to all U.S. Employee include:

Employees who must quarantine will obtain 100% of their pay during the up to 14-day quarantine period. The quarantine duration will not mitigate accrued unused sick days, nor will there be a an unfavorable impact to attendance records. Employees who have been assessed by a doctor and are either reflecting symptoms or room diagnosed v COVID-19 will obtain 100% of their pay throughout the 14-day quarantine period. Start week 3, employee will get sick pay/short-term disability benefits, i beg your pardon will provide a minimum the two-thirds of your pay, for as much as 10 weeks. Employees who space caring for a family member living in the same family members who has actually been assessed by a doctor and also is either reflecting symptoms or has been diagnosed v COVID-19 will get 100% of their pay throughout the 14-day quarantine period. Beginning week 3, if they room not maybe to work-related from home, castle will get a minimum of two-thirds of your pay for as much as 10 weeks. If they are working native home, their complete pay will be continued. Employees who job-related at a facility that should be closed will get 100% pay for as much as 12 weeks. Employees that are affected by college or day care center closure with no one residence to look after a child, will obtain a minimum of two-thirds of your pay for as much as 12 weeks if they are not may be to work from home. Employee are likewise eligible for free COVID-19 testing, a "Crisis Care" reimbursement the $100 a job for boy care, and accessibility to particularly trained mental health and wellness professionals.

"There"s fixed a pantry in America that does not have actually a Frito-Lay and also Quaker product, and in current weeks, offering those assets has become increasingly challenging," said Steven Williams, chief executive officer that snucongo.org foods North America. "Our frontline employee – the people you check out stocking her favorite bags the chips or canisters of oats, the people driving those commodities there and the ones originally making them in plants across the nation – space the backbone of snucongo.org Foods and we appreciate their heroic efforts."

"At this unmatched time, i beg your pardon is having a profound influence on every one of us, we are so thankful to ours frontline employee for all they are doing come ensure our products are easily accessible for families throughout the country," stated Kirk Tanner, chief executive officer the snucongo.org Beverages phibìc America. "We recognize our products on store shelves carry out a sense of stability and normalcy come consumers throughout trying times. This is our method to acknowledge the an essential role our frontline plays in our organization, now and also always."

snucongo.org has also taken crucial steps to defend the health and safety of its employees while in ~ work, including yet not restricted to: increased cleaning frequency the facilities and assets, expanded access of gloves and actively encouraging practicing an excellent hygiene, stepped up visitor screening and restrictions, and where possible, to decrease routing and also merchandising to minimize exposure.

Community support

During this time of crisis, snucongo.org believes that the private and also public sectors should join together to carry out assistance and aid to the most vulnerable. Snucongo.org"s philanthropic arm, the snucongo.org Foundation, is mobilizing its sources to invest approximately $11 million to administer food, water and other vital support to communities impacted by COVID-19 approximately the world.

In the U.S., snucongo.org is partnering through the USDA and the Baylor cooperation on Hunger and Poverty to provide 1 million food boxes to students in landscape America, consisting of a $1 million commitment. The company"s Food for good program intends to provide 200,000 meals weekly to students and distribute at the very least 1 million meals over the next month to affected U.S. Communities. Snucongo.org has also noted $100,000 to Feeding Westchester to aid distribute shelf-stable meals and also fresh develop to neighborhood residents throughout Westchester County, new York.

Globally, snucongo.org is donating $200,000 to every Red overcome in Italy, Spain, France and also $100,000 come the Red cross in Lebanon. Snucongo.org is also investing $1.5 million with the an international FoodBanking Network to administer water and nutrition options to 12 countries affected by COVID-19 in Latin America. In China, the company listed $1.1 million to Hubei Red Cross foundation and China Women"s Development structure to carry out protective gear and assist frontline responders" and physicians" efforts in the fight versus the spread out of coronavirus in severely affected areas the China.

About snucongo.org

snucongo.org assets are enjoyed by consumers much more than one billion times a work in more than 200 countries and territories roughly the world. Snucongo.org generatedmore than$67billionin network revenue in 2019, moved by a safety food and beverage investment portfolio that contains Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and also Tropicana. Snucongo.org"s product portfolio has a wide selection of enjoyable foods and also beverages, consisting of 23 brands that generate much more than$1 billioneach in estimated annual retail sales.

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Guiding snucongo.org is ours vision to be the global Leader in practically Foods and Beverages by Winning through Purpose. "Winning v Purpose" mirrors our ambitious to success sustainably in the marketplace and embed purpose into all aspects of the business. For more information, visitwww.snucongo.org.