I to be thinking around trying because that a semi pro team in my town referred to as the Charleston Battery & to be wondering if ns were to do it will certainly they salary you come play for them?


They have actually to, otherwise it is not Semi-pro.

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Anyways, correct you acquire paid in USLPro. Yet you'll need one more job.

Well they're in the USLPRO organization in America & ive had actually two friends beat for an additional team however they never said anything around being laid. Ns was just doing it because that fun however was wondering if they would pay out of curiosity.

My mate dram semi-pro, he's on roughly 400 quid a week ns think, and also that's at Level 8 in the English system, there's part crazy money about in the reduced leagues his last team was in reality paying him much more and it was a level listed below where he's in ~ now. He's earning much more than he to be on his agree terms in league 1.

Yes friend do obtain paid. I think the organization minimum value is around $20,000 for a senior player however there's certain rules roughly it (as in not everyone has actually to acquire paid the amount). I have a few friends playing USLPro, the level is in reality pretty high and it's no that easy to do a team.

It's frequently a parcel system.Most have a package that contains accomodation, salary (15-30K), meals and a component time task in the football industry. Some are reps for brands (Umbro, Puma, etc.), some are working for regional soccer associations, some are marketing tickets. A most the males I prospered up play with room in USL now or have actually been and they commonly run camps in the offseason and play indoor football to supplement.

Yes, in fact, that's more than likely where I'm top after S2 start up. At least that's what my coaches speak lol, watch you the end there man.

No problem, it could be various in America (I'm not sure how promotion works at local level, or whether you also have it) but in England a relative of mine manager a team in ~ Level 8, 8 levels below League 2 is i think exactly how it works) and won the league back to ago for a few years but teams in 2nd/3rd/4th place or also none would (apply to) get supported as they had actually bigger budgets vice versa, his team all of the football player on his team worked other jobs and promotion would average longer ranges to travel etc and his next couldn't afford to increase wages to offset any type of work the lads would certainly miss.

I'm no sure around in the US but semi-pro teams typically pay you yet you'll it is in working part time fairly than complete time and also will frequently need come work another job to make do.

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I think the general answer appears to be 'yes, they execute pay you' however you should absolutely ask your semi-pro team and/or their players to obtain all the details if you're serious about it.

As numerous have mentioned, semi-pro is essentially method that it's a part-time task so you're nice much simply doing it for the love that the game. :)