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I am composing an academic text, that faces American politics. If ns write around party members in congress, should I write around Democrats, Republicans and also Independents or about republicans, democrats and also independents?

(Those independents here, room not members of one "IndependentParty")


"Republican" describes the Republican Party which is a suitable noun.The same uses to the autonomous Party/Democrats.So you need to use the top case.

The very same is not true because that independent candidates where the word "independent" is provided as one adjective. Ns am assuming you are referring to candidates that is no affiliated with any political party. This go not apply if you are referring to candidates native the freedom Party of America.

As always, a lot relies on context. What I claimed would probably apply to most cases. If you provide some examples where you are not sure, we have the right to work additional on it.

ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_third-party_and_independent_presidential_candidates,_2016

Hope this helps.

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According to all the applicable format guides, yes. As mentioned, these room the names of politics parties. People who belong come them are prefer members the a club or residents of a details place through a name. So, Rotarian, Republican, Democrat, Gator, Texan, Italian, Martian.

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"Republicans" and also "Democrats", as well as "Independants" are suitable nouns, at least in the paper definition you space presenting lock in, and therefore must be capitalised.

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See the following links for much more information:



Note - prior to anyone corrects mine spelling... I"m British, because of this I usage "ise" rather of "ize"...

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