Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and also Platinum: 10 tips For taking On The elite 4 The upstream 4 have the right to be among the toughest feasible opponents to confront in Pokémon. Thankfully, there room some advice to really assist you out against them.

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Piplup runs in a field/Bertha and also Flint pose
Tough and also challenging, the Elite 4 are type-specialists that aren"t fear to spam complete Restores. Trainers must battle them consecutively and also defeat them if they desire to obtain to the Champion and challenge him or her, depending upon the region.

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In Sinnoh, trainers must battle the Elite four in a resolved order. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl are famed for having an unbalanced Pokédex that results in the Fire-type specialist, Flint, having actually only two Fire-types ~ above his team. Other than that, though, Sinnoh"s Elite 4 is quite tough and impressive, representing a true difficulty before facing the absolute finest Champion in the games, the fearsome Cynthia. Through a ideal strategy, however, the player can arise victorious there is no too lot trouble.

Screenshot of 3 caves in Sinnoh's victory Road
The Elite 4 is more daunting if the trainer"s team is underleveled. All Pokémon must be at least level 50, and that"s if one really desires a challenge. The appropriate levels to an obstacle the Pokémon League are in between 55 and also 60-ish. Aaron - the an initial and probably weakest the the Sinnoh Elite four - has actually three level 53 Pokémon, through his toughest gift a level 57 Drapion (which ironically isn"t a Bug-type).

Trainers need to grind their Pokémon to the appropriate levels on victory Road, whereby the toughest trainers and also fiercest Pokémon dwell. Challenging the Elite 4 with unprepared Pokémon is usually masochism.

9 cure The Party prior to Going In

The Pokémon center in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
This goes there is no saying, however the Pokémon team need to be healthy and also ready to walk before challenging the elite Four. This is especially important due to the fact that Barry will present up feather to fight as the player attempts to step into the Pokémon League.

Barry"s team, particularly his Snorlax and Torterra, deserve to be difficult to beat, so the battle can become more difficult than anticipated. The player"s Pokémon deserve to suffer part damage and also there"s no Pokémon facility inside the League, which renders healing all the an ext important. And also while on this subject...

A instance full of berries and also Full Restores on the Pokémon Anime
every members of the elite Four and especially Champion Cynthia will certainly not think twice around using heal items. In fact, the Elite four will usage at the very least one full Restore throughout their respective battles and also Cynthia deserve to use as much as five. The finest thing to perform is imitate them.

Every player must buy at least 20 full Restores, which cure not just HP but additionally status conditions. Max recovery are also recommended, particularly if a Pokémon faints mid-battle. These are the two many expensive heal items in the main series games, but they room so worth it.

7 Make sure To have actually A pair Of advantageous Berries

berry should also be part of the player"s strategy. They have the right to be beneficial in several instances, such as utilizing a Pecha Berry come cure poisoning or a Rawst Berry for burns, status conditions that Aaron and also Flint"s teams can provoke.

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All Elite 4 members equip their ace Pokémon v a Sitrus Berry, a an effective item the restores 25% the the user"s max health. The player should have actually several the these advantageous berries fitted on their team. They have the right to be a real-life savior since no turn will it is in wasted in utilizing a complete Restore ~ above a low-health Pokémon.

The Elite 4 mainly consists four different types: an insect for Aaron, Ground because that Bertha, Fire for Flint, and also Psychic for Lucian. However, many of your Pokémon space dual-type, which way that also though they"re kind specialists, castle still have actually ample coverage.

The crucial to beating the upstream Four, and also Champion Cynthia, is diversity. A well balanced team of 6 will ensure the war aren"t as difficult as they might seem. It"s important, however, the the team contends least one Pokémon - or at the very least a couple of move - that space super effective against each that the elite Four"s types.

5 for Aaron, take A strong Flying or Rock-Type

As formerly mentioned, Aaron is the an initial opponent and his team packs rather the punch. Dustox is largely used to either collection Light display screen or Toxic, or both, so it"s finest to take it out as easily as possible with a strong Flying move. Heracross also will succumb come a level 50-ish flying Pokémon. As for the following two, both Beautifly and Vespiquen room dual-type Bug/Flying and will quickly go down with a absent move.

Drapion is whereby things obtain trickier. That only has actually one weakness, come Ground, and it likewise knows ice cream Fang, which have the right to easily lug down any Ground-type Pokémon. If there"s no Ground type on the player"s team, it"s proposal to teach the Rock-type a solid Ground move. As Aaron"s ace, Drapion will additionally hold a Sitrus Berry. In Platinum, Dustox and Beautifly obtain replaced through Scizor, who has actually a quad weakness to Fire, and Yanmega, who shares Vespiquen"s weaknesses.

Bertha, the Ground-type specialist, is next. Ground has actually three weaknesses, Grass, Water, and also Ice. 3 of her Pokémon, Whiscash, Golem, and also Quagsire, have actually quad Grass weaknesses and also no move that"s supervisor effective versus Grass-types, for this reason they have to go down easily. Quagsire knows Protect, though, which have the right to be a nuisance. Sudowoodo and also Hippowdown are pure Rock and Ground-types respectively, therefore Grass will additionally work top top them.

In Platinum, Quagsire and Sudowoodo get replaced v Gliscor and also Rhyperior. The latter additionally has a four-times Grass weakness however knows 2 dangerous moves, the Bug-type Megahorn and the Ice-type Avalanche. It"s finest to use a Water-type against it. Together for Gliscor, an Ice move will most likely OHKO it.

3 because that Flint, floor & Fighting will Do

following comes Flint, who in Diamond & Pearl has actually only two fire-types on his team. Rapidash will succumb to Ground, and both Steelix and also Lopunny deserve to be floored through a Fighting-move. Together for Drifblim, it have to go down through the Rock-type Pokémon or move used against Aaron. These critical three get replaced in Platinum, yet two of these additions, Flareon and Houndoom, deserve to be quickly dealt through using Ground.

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Infernape and Magmortar are fairly problematic, though. The former, a dual-type Fire/Fighting creature, is really fast and knows Thunder punch to hit Water and also Flying-types, and also Mega punch to fight Psychics, which leaves Ground together the only viable choice to loss it. Magmortar is even much more of a threat because it to know Thunderbolt and Solar Beam, the latter of i beg your pardon is at sight effective versus Rock and also Ground. It has low defense, therefore a solid Physical assault should take care of it.

Lastly, Lucian awaits his chance. A Psychic-type specialist, Lucian is the final and also can be seen as the toughest opponent. In Diamond & Pearl and Platinum, he has two pure Psychic-types, Mr. Mime and Alakazam. Ghost should be used versus them. In Platinum, he has a third pure Psychic, Espeon, the knows Shadow ball to fight Ghosts and Signal Beam come fight Dark-types, which complicates things.

In D&P, Dark need to work against Girafarig and also Ghost versus Medicham. In all three games, Lucian has actually a strong Bronzong, who additionally serves as his ace in D&P. The ground or Ghost-type Pokémon must take treatment of it. In Platinum, Lucian"s ace is Gallade, an incredibly solid Pokémon with high physics Attack, distinct Defense, and also Speed. Usage a Ghost Pokémon, especially due to the fact that it will be immune come Gallade"s drainpipe Punch.

1 Take treatment Of The Starter Pokémon

Sinnoh"s Starters are amongst the best in the games. They"re not just incredibly solid and functional but additionally - because of their dual-typings - overwhelmingly beneficial in the Championship battle. Infernape"s Fire/Fighting combo will make that useful against Aaron, Flint, and also even Lucian. Empoleon"s Water/Steel will make it past Bertha and also Flint. And also Torterra"s Grass/Ground will make it best for Bertha and even Flint and also Lucian if used properly.

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As the an initial Pokémon in any kind of Sinnoh journey, the Starters space bound to be one of, if not the strongest Pokémon in the player"s team. Lock should always be cure carefully and also trained constantly since they"ll surely be a an important part the the Championship battle.