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"Lets walk Bowling" is a phrase said by the Grand Theft Auto IV character roman Bellic upon calling the key protagonist Niko Bellic and inviting the to for a video game of bowling. The phrase gained recognition native the player base due to how often Roman seemed to invite Niko come bowling, frequently doing so in ~ awkward times. The phrase has due to the fact that been among the most recognized memes associated with the game and also has been provided in memes and referenced online.


On April 29th, 2008, action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto IV was released.<1> In the game, character roman Bellic, the cousin that the key protagonist Niko Bellic, is introduced. Roman<2> is a friend character that the player deserve to spend time together engaging in assorted optional activities, such as dining, drink or playing various mini-games. At times, roman will call Niko and also invite the to invest time together, v bowling being one of the options.

Niko, it"s Roman! Let"s go bowling!


With roman inn being the earliest girlfriend character Niko encounters, and also the high frequency that hangout calls, Grand Theft Auto IV players had a high possibility to experience being invited to bowling by roman multiple time throughout your playthrough, v the catchphrase "Let"s walk bowling" proceeding come turn into a meme in ~ the gaming community.

On September 27th, 2008, YouTube<3> user small mac posted one of the faster videos reflecting the trend in which roman inn calls Niko while he stands atop an manufacturing facility pipe. The video clip received over 119,000 views in twelve year (shown below, left). ~ above November 1st, 2008, Newgrounds user and also YouTuber Oney (OneyNG) uploaded<4> a GTA parody animation which consisted of the joke. The video received end 16 million see on YouTube in twelve years (shown below, right).

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The catchphrase has since become among the most recognizable memes connected with the game and also has been referenced in numerous videos and also memes, also being provided as a soundbite for miscellaneous poops.