Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers

I love mine Sanuk Mako chilled Maroon Sidewalk Surfers! these shoe/sandal like innovations are the many comfortable footwear I’ve ever before owned. I’m the type of human that wears on slide sandals nearly year round. The Sanuks give me the exact same light weight easy to placed on and remove comforts of mine sandals in a stylish and warmer package. The “beer coozie” footbed adds some cushion when the fuzzy liner is soooooo soft on your feet. The Sanuk space also an excellent for travel as they load up super tiny and weight nearly nothing. I additionally love the I have the right to hang about the climbing gym or kayak take-out and go out for a night on the town in the exact same kicks.

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While this Sanuks are super comfy and also easy come wear they do have some faults. The key one being the foot stink that the fuzzy footbed often tends to hold. Ns don’t have particularly smelly feet, but these Sanuks acquired really stank after just a short time. I have tried hand washing, maker washing and also leaving them out in the sun, all to no avail together the stink simply won’t go away. There is also tiny to no arch assistance in the Sanuk, while no an issue for me could cause issues because that others. If friend wear these in the eye or rain, the uppers will easily soak through, but this probably isn’t really an problem as they are not yes, really designed for use in the snow. The traction is likewise a bit lacking on incredibly smooth or wet surfaces.

Overall the Sanuk have held up really well over about a year of hard use living the valve life. For such minimal footwear, the to trust is surprisingly yes, really good. The comfort and also steezy style are what really set them personal from other footwear. I need to say that as soon as I got them, ns wasn’t offered on the color or style, but after wearing them, castle quickly became my go to footwear most of the year. While the stink is a real problem, they have remained in my footwear quiver, lot to mine girlfriend‘s chagrin and the hinderance of the Sportsmobile‘s wait quality.


-Either wear her Sanuks with socks or without, don’t go back and forth. The upper tends to stretch the end a bit when worn through socks, which then renders them a little sloppy when wearing lock barefoot.

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-Wash your Sanuks often in order to keep the stink come a minimum. When your nose, or girlfriend, truly objects toss them and get another pair:)

-Sanuk styles and colors change often, therefore while it could be tough to find the Mako design their will constantly be something comparable out there.


MSRP: $70.00


SUPER comfortable!

Mad style

Great for take trip (light & simple to pack)



Can stretch out

(Disclaimer: I obtained these Sanuk shoes as review samples at the Summer 2012 the end Retailer profession show. I have no affiliation with and receive no monetary compensation native Sanuk.)


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