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I just picked increase a 92 dakota 3.9 from my freind for virtually nothing to use as a job-related truck. Yet i believe the time chain is loosened and i desire to readjust it. Ns know straightforward stuff but never tried internal stuff yet. Is it difficult to replace? likewise if i acquired the time chain kit there is no the tensioner how long would it last prior to it extended again?I simply know shops want any where between $500-$1200 and also thats to much. For this reason i want to try to replace it. Also what all components would i need?
It"s no too difficult a job, takes a small time though. You take off all the accessories, water pump and harmonic balancer top top the crank two front bolts from the oil pan along with the remainder of the bolts native the time cover. The only special tool you need is a puller for the harmonic balancer. Ns would inspect for timing chain stretch an initial with a timing light. An excellent luck.
(I would inspect for timing chain stretch an initial with a time light) never ever done this before, exactly how do i execute it? and also if the is stretched does it make the project harder?
No a stretched chain doesn"t do the job harder. The cheat is as old as the hill. Begin by paint the timing line on your vibration dampener white. Obtain you a time light and hook it as much as the battery and the main lead top top cylinder number one. Start the truck, take the light and look in ~ the heat you painted if that jerks up and also down quickly all end the scale your timing chain is extended or worn. If the line remains in one place or moves progressively or clear the chain is fine. Remember you"re no checking the timing, you are watching for how smoothly the heat moves or stays steady.
Where at (Start by paint the timing heat on her vibration dampener white). Is there a specific place to placed the heat at?
If friend look in ~ the vibration damper ( the round thing bolted to the crankshaft) the will be a quick line on it, that"s the line to paint. You might have to turn the engine to uncover it. Ns looked ~ above mine and also it to be still over there so I number yours still has actually it. Anyway note the partial line v white paint and also act like you are setting the timing. Just observe the note with your timing light, if you view it jump around back and forth easily you understand you have troubles if it moves smoothly or remains in one place your time chain is fine.

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I can"t find a tensioner at my regional auto parts store and also i don"t desire to wait to order one. Deserve to i just install the sprockets and chain? would that it is in alright?
Ok i gained a haynes fix manual and it does not offer me any type of torque settings. Might some give me any type of torque setups for everything including waterpump bolts? also if i had a manufacturing facility manual would it provide me the torque specs?
I offered my older Dakota and also let my manufacturing facility manuals go with it. Ns don"t have actually no way of feather it increase anymore. I always torque by feeling anyway, ~ a while your hands obtain calibrated.
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