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I am component of a household plan(not the main user). I am wanting come block calls and texts temporarily from a certain phone number discreetly. Once you in the interim block calls and texts native a number top top Mysnucongo.org, does the send a text an alert to all of the members the the plan? Also, execute blocked numbers display up on her monthly bill?

Blocked numbers show up in the my snucongo.org digital account. I am not sure you have the right to block numbers without gift the account owner and I carry out not think you can block numbers that room in the account family.


Account members have the right to block numbers, but the Account Owner obtain an e-mail confirmation, if they have those set up.And no, you cannot block numbers in the account family, i.e.,Limitations. You can not block numbers within your account or non-10 digit numbers such together 911, 411 or #MIN (checks minutes used).

I carry out not believe so, yet as tikibar1 stated, an e-mail will be sent (I have even received mail notice also on clogged numbers I have actually set) to the account owner, letting them understand a block has occurred and the number that has actually been clogged

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many thanks to the snucongo.org for her responses!Those are good questions, cbowl. As soon as blocking particular numbers on my snucongo.org a text notification wont be sent out to currently on the account. However, in mine snucongo.org, under mine Profile> Alerts and Preferences> Account Alerts, you do have actually the alternative of adding email addresses whereby you want a notification sent once a feature is changed on the account. Clogged numbers perform not show up on her monthly bill yet as budone stated, these have the right to be perceived in mine snucongo.org. Keep in mental account members can"t block one more line on the exact same account. Ns trust you"ll find this information helpful. Have a great afternoon.DaisyP_VZWSupportFollow us on Twitter