Does armor have any effect ~ above magic?

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Okay, for this reason I"m running roughly with mine destro mage, finding all this awesome heavy armor and going, "ah, can"t stay that, I"ll have to sell it. I"m a mage, ns can"t wear steel armor."BUT - i don"t in reality see any type of detriment in the actual game when I perform equip some heavy (iron / stole etc) armor.SO - can a magic-focused character usage light / hefty armor v no penalty, or what? need to I buckle up some Orcish plate and also become a walking fire tank?I have the 696-page strategy guide, the video game manual, and the wiki, and I couldn"t really find any info about this. (Which probably method there is no penalty, however I"d favor to it is in sure before I think about putting perks into a skill.)In Oblivion (and probably previous titles?) your spells would be diminished in power the more armor you had actually on, giving you an motivation to undertake a dress instead. If there is no together restriction in Skyrim, imma get heavy...Thanks!tl;dr - can I undertake armor and also still actors spells just the same?
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Yes. And also since in combat magicka regen is negligible girlfriend won"t miss the robes in the least. Just enchant because that magic cost reduction and you"re all set.

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native what I deserve to tell, the only an adverse effect is that it slows girlfriend down, weighs a many (requiring one of two people speccing right into Stamina or hefty Armor to improve bring weight) and you can"t obtain the benefit of the an effective alteration perks for the Oak/Iron/Stoneflesh spells when wearing armor.
There room things dubbed ..... Fight Mages. Lock wear armor.Also a thing in Skyrim.... And also is necessary to remember...... Can wear what you want. Go where you want. Play exactly how you want.No penalty included.(About the only "penalty" would be any type of Sneak ability you might want... Is not going to it is in as good as cloth or Leather.)
Mages yes, really don"t work-related as they ought to.Wearing robes alone just makes that harder and provides no worthwhile bonus together it should.Have to expect Bethesda patch that so that mage gameplay isn"t therefore broken, although if they thought it to be ok to release as the is then i doubt they will patch it due to the fact that they don"t view it together a problem.
i liked once there to be a penalty to wearing heavy armor. You might still execute it however you had to spec a different way.
Mages yes, really don"t occupational as lock ought to.Wearing robes alone simply makes the harder and also provides no worthwhile bonus together it should.
So significant casting expense reduction and big magicka regen bonsues space "not worthwhile"?
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<...> and also you can"t obtain the advantage of the an effective alteration perks for the Oak/Iron/Stoneflesh spells while wearing armor.
From what I have the right to tell, this is the only detriment. But then, if you have chose to wear heavy armor and thus take treatment of defense that method you don"t particularly need alteration"s magic armor. The magicka rejuvenation bonus on robes helps rather a bit though. I have actually two-fifty percent magicka regeneration and also one-hundred of the is from mine robes; if i take them off, there"s a noticeable difference on how efficient I can be with my spells.
thanks for the replies, all. I might try flame tank, then...I think armor deserve to be enchanted v the "destruction and also magicka regen" effect... I learned that from disenchanting a low-level robe i had. Haven"t evidenced yet. (I know I can"t placed it on rings / necklaces, i tried!)BTW, there is a rock you can use (one the the blessing stones) the adds 100 come your bring weight and totally removes movement penalties indigenous armor (though no sneak penalties).As a bonus concern - have the right to I only wear one ring?? ns tried equipping two, and also it maintained switching castle instead...

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BTW, there is a rock you can use (one of the blessing stones) the adds 100 come your lug weight and fully removes motion penalties native armor (though no sneak penalties).As a bonus inquiry - can I only wear one ring?? i tried equipping two, and also it retained switching them instead...