When ns was cultivation up, my parents constantly kept warm sauce in the refrigerator. I never once questioned their choices, also though I never liked placing cold hot sauce top top steaming Chinese take-out. Therefore imagine my shock when I newly learned the my parents were doing hot sauce warehouse wrong for all of these years. It transforms out that you do not should refrigerate hot sauce after opening the bottle. That's right. You deserve to safely store hot sauce in her pantry or cabinet at room temperature because that literally years. That's due to the fact that hot sauce is relatively shelf-stable as result of its high vinegar and fairly high salt content, both of which avoid bacteria native growing.

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There are, however, some an excellent reasons to refrigerate your hot sauce, starting with appearance. For example, some hot sauces change color gradually if they're not refrigerated, prefer Tabasco. According to the McIlhenny Company's instructions, refrigerating your warm sauce is the best means to stop this color change. A darkened hue doesn't mean your bottle of Tabasco has spoiled; it's actually obtained a shelf life of five years. But if the shade of your warm sauce is necessary to you, pop that party in the fridge.

The other reason come refrigerate your warm sauce is to maintain the irreversible quality. Also if it's not technically spoiled, five-year-old hot sauce that you've kept on your kitchen shelf is going come taste that age. That's why numerous manufacturers, consisting of Frank's Red Hot, provide "Best appreciated By" dates instead of expiration dates. "The day stamped ~ above the shoulder or the bottom of the party is the date we recommend that you use the product through to guarantee the product's optimum flavor, freshness and also consistent quality," lock explain, adding, "The product will normally maintain an excellent flavor high quality for a few weeks ~ that date if refrigerated."

And some warm sauces have much shorter shelf lives than others. The machines of Cholula hot sauce recommend that you use the bottle within six months the opening, while the devices of Tapatío offer you about two year to usage up an unrefrigerated bottle. So examine the packaging that the party to figure out what's ideal for you and also your hot sauce warehouse needs. And also if you're in doubt, simply start putting hot sauce on every little thing so you deserve to use that party up as conveniently as possible and don't need to worry around it spoiling. That's my hot sauce storage solution, anyway.


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