The Karate boy (2010): 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts around The work again, please again The 2010 work again, please again of The Karate Kid has actually a lot of amazing stories native its filming that explain a lot of its differences and also quirks.

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Harald Zwart"s remake of the classic coming-of-age martial art movie The Karate Kid rotate 10 years old this past June. Certification Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, the film complies with a young african American boy that is compelled to relocate come China v his single mother. Once he arrives, Dre (Smith) is befriended by Mr. Han (Chan), a martial arts expert who progressively teaches the boy just how to protect himself.

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Released ~ above June 11, 2010, The Karate Kid came to be a enormous hit at the domestic and international box-office. The movie cost approximately $40 million come make and also grossed more than $176 million in north America and an additional $182 million around the world for a total take of $358 million.

Dre Parker in The Karate Kid
back the movie functions zero karate, original collection producer Jerry Weintraub insisted on maintaining the popular title intact to make as lot money together possible. Weintraub summary considered transforming the title to The Kung Fu Kid, yet ultimately decided otherwise.

However, the movie title different in various eastern territories. In the People"s Republic that China, the film is dubbed The Kung Fu Dream. In Japan and South Korea, the movie is weirdly called Best Kid.

Jaden blacksmith Splits Karate Kid
because that the role of 12-year-old Kung Fu college student Dre Parker, Jaden Smith invested three month training in miscellaneous martial arts techniques. Among the methods seen in the film includes the Crane format of Kung Fu, which Dre witnesses a mrs practicing atop the dragon head in ~ the temple.

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Crane Style consists of expertly balancing ~ above one foot, which is very reminiscent that the "crane kick" the Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) taught Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) in the original The Karate Kid film. The woman additionally holds a cobra snake, an additional link come the Cobra Kai dojo from the initial series.

Han and Dre in The Karate Kid
follow to Jaden"s father, will Smith, Jackie Chan was so extremely revered in his native China that his mere visibility in the nation opened doors because that the manufacturing of The Karate Kid in ways nobody else maybe could.

Chan"s eminence in China caused several productions favors, such as being granted permission to film in locations strictly forbidden in the region. Chan"s consist of in the film motivated the Chinese federal government to allow filming at the good Wall that China, the Forbidden City, and also the Wudang Mountains.

7 over there Were certain Conditions because that Filming in ~ The great Wall of China

Dre and Mr. Han in The Karate Kid
although the Chinese government enabled Zwart and also his team to movie at the an excellent Wall that China, conditional limitations were placed in place. Due to the fact that airplanes and also helicopters room prohibited indigenous flying over the wall, all of the camera equipment had to be transported through hand.

Production was finally granted permission to film particular overhead shots of the wall from a helicopter in ~ sunset, but only when army training routines were completed.

In addition to filming at The an excellent Wall the China, The Karate Kid became the first movie to movie in China"s spiritual Forbidden City in much more than 20 years. The palace mega-complex in the heart of Bejing, which as soon as served as the imperial residence that the Ming Dynasty, had actually not been checked out on film due to the fact that Bernardo Bertolucci"s 1987 film The critical Emperor.

The new The Karate Kid marks the very first time the Chinese federal government granted permission to film in The Forbidden City since Bertolucci"s historical biography.

5 Ralph Macchio decreased A Cameo

although Ralph Macchio ultimately agreed to reprise his duty of a lifetime as Daniel LaRusso in the beloved Cobra Kai sequel series, the turned under the chance to do a cameo illustration in The Karate Kid remake.

While no specific reason to be cited because that his disinterest, Macchio was publicly displeased through his experience making The Karate Kid component III two years prior. This probably informed his refusal of a rapid cameo, despite his resentment may have due to the fact that waned as proven by his passionate for Cobra Kai. In 2010, Macchio instead showed up in an illustration of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

icelandic composer Atli Orvarsson was initially hired to score The Karate Kid remake. However, he was changed by two-time Oscar winner James Horner, that won awards for initial Score and also Song because that James Cameron"s Titanic. This marked the first film Horner composed due to the fact that Cameron"s Avatar.

The score because that The Karate Kid was released four days after ~ the film on June 15, 2010. Jaden Smith and also Justin Bieber perform the film"s official theme song, "Never speak Never."

3 The Director gave A Shout-Out to FFK

prior to making The Karate Kid, dutch director Harald Zwart was known for helming family films such together Agent Cody Banks and also The Pink Panther 2. In every one of his films, Zwart makes an effort to shoutout his lover football club, Fredrikstad (FFK).

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In The Karate Kid, the FFK logo deserve to be spotted ~ above the coat of the doctor throughout the championship tournament sequence. The logo is featured top top a switch worn on the doctor"s coat.

Several references to the initial The Karate Kid series deserve to be discovered in the remake. For instance, when Dre starts training v Mr. Han through the poles, Dre go the above crane-kick relocate from the initial film in silhouette. Mr. Han also performs the wax-on/wax-off an approach when Dre commences his training regiment.

When Dre is gift bullied in ~ school, the wears a shirt nearly identical to the one Daniel LaRusso wore throughout the tea ritual in The Karate Kid part II. Also, Dre wins the tournament in the end by utilizing the Cobra Strike he learned from the mrs in the temple. The move"s surname is a nod to Cobra Kai, the antagonists that the initial films.

1 Dre was The bad Guy In The Chinese Cut

for its relax in China, numerous scenes had to it is in reedited to comply v the nation"s strict censorship laws. For example, the shots the Dre kissing Meiying (Wenwen Han) had actually to be removed. Additionally, scenes illustrating harsh bullying in ~ school had actually to it is in snipped down. But most infamously and also controversially, China"s censors usually edited the movie in such a means that the told a wholly different story.

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Because that the censors" requirements that Chinese characters not be illustrated in a negative light, the film"s Chinese variation was reshaped to do it appear as if Dre instigated all of the fights, do The Karate Kid more that a redemption arc than an underdog tale. This in reality supports a long-running theory around the initial The Karate Kid which insurance claims Daniel LaRusso was constantly the true antagonist and also that the genuine Karate boy was Johnny Lawrence, one angle the the sequel series Corba Kai has supported.