Over the years, mine sister has often kept a jar of jelly ~ above the table because that breakfast. No one ever thought much of it. Then, one day I noticed the the manufacturers put on the brand that the product must be refrigerated after opening. In fact, it seems as if they placed that same message on every single type of food offered in a have the right to or jar.

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Jams and also jellies perform not have to be refrigerated after ~ opening also though many commercial brands have instructions ~ above the brand to perform so. However, they will certainly last much longer when preserved cold. Opened jam or jelly will usually keep at the very least 6 months refrigerated and up come 30 job unrefrigerated.

Here is the shelf life of a few common types of preserves:

TypeShelf Life In FridgeTable Shelf Life
Homemade Jam or Jelly6-12 Months1 Month
Low sugar Jam or Jelly8-9 MonthsDo not leave out
Sugar-Free Jam or Jelly6-9 MonthsDo no leave out
Apple Butter2-3 Months1 month
Freeze Jam1 monthDo no leave out

Now let’s discover the topic in better detail.

How long Does Jam and also Jelly Last when Opened?

How long jam and also jelly lasts counts on plenty of things including the ingredients, just how it to be processed, and also how the is stored, before and after the jug is opened.

Jam and jelly that has actually sugar as a sweetener, was made v a boiling water bath, and also was stored before opening in a cool dark ar should have actually a shelf life of at least 2 years prior to being opened. And, most civilization agree the any form of jam or jelly stays great for at least a year after opened if it has actually been refrigerated, if it has been kept tightly covered, and also if the seasoned is undamaged.

But, the question is, just how long does jam or jelly critical after it has actually been opened. Many sources agree that these species of food need to last at least 30 job if tackled properly. Below is a recommended graph for exactly how long jam and jelly lasts after ~ opening v refrigeration and without:

Low sugar Jam or Jelly: big 8-9 Months with refrigeration. It is no recommended that low sugar jam and jelly it is in left unrefrigerated after opened as reduced sugar will not maintain sufficiently.Apple Butter: big 2-3 Months through refrigeration. It must last as much as 1 month after opened without refrigeration.Freezer Jam: Lasts about 1 month in the refrigerator after ~ opening, and should no be left unrefrigerated as they typically would not go with the canning process.

How to Tell If Jam or Jelly has Gone Bad

If her jams and also jellies space processed correctly and also contain the appropriate amount the sugar, there have to not be any type of problems v them walk bad. Jam and also jelly the is made making use of a low-sugar or sugar-free procedure will be much more likely come spoil. They execute not have the benefit of the preservative properties the sugar.

Jam or jelly that has gone bad will likely have actually signs the mold, a poor odor, and a far-ranging change in color. If you space unsure, simply play it safe and also throw it away.

Signs the jam or jelly together gone bad:

Smell- If friend detect an “off” odor that smells favor yeast or alcohol, this food need to be discarded right away.Color- If the jam or jelly changes color, but none of the other indicators are present, typically this jam or jelly will certainly still it is in good. With time jam or jelly may readjust color but will still taste great and will be safe to eat. Simply scoop off the discolored component and reap the rest.

It need to be simple to call if jam is still good as there should be no obvious signs of spoilage. Even after it has actually been opened and also kept refrigerated for a year, it have to still be good and for sure to eat even if there space some transforms in color, taste, and also texture. If the jam or jelly creates an strange odor, appearance, or has mold farming on it, discard it right away.

What if over there Is Excess fluid on my Jam or Jelly?

If liquid has created on the top and also around the political parties of the jam or jelly however no other indications are present, the food must still be great to eat. I’ve noticed the texture of homemade jam/jelly with time will start to change a little, however it will still be good.

How to make Jam and Jelly critical Longer

Tips to assist jam or jelly critical longer:

Store unopened jars in a cool, dry place.Refrigerate after ~ opening.Keep jars lidded to prevent airborne contamination.Keep outside, rim, and jar lid clean to avoid contamination.Use a devoted spoon to stop cross-contamination with other food.

What to do if You have too numerous Opened Jars the Jam or Jelly

Make CookiesThere are plenty of cookie recipes that contact for a jam topping. You can use any basic sugar cookie recipe, form into 1 inch balls, usage your fingertip to do a little well in the center of the ball, fill the well v 1/2 teaspoon of any kind of flavor jam, and bake in ~ 375 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. My mouth is watering simply thinking around it!Use it in saucesSweet and sour meatballs all set in the crockpot by including the meatballs come a sauce do of grape jelly and also chili sauce room out of this world, and also pork loin with a mayhaw jelly sauce will acquire rave reviews!

Refrigerator and also Freezer Jam

Most recipes for refrigerator and freezer jam perform not require the complete canning procedure and would certainly not be safe to eat if left unrefrigerated after ~ opening.

Preserving Jams & Jellies Was developed to do Fruit keep Longer


The canning process was occurred at a time when there was small or no refrigeration, for this reason those civilization who very first started do jam and also jelly absolutely did not refrigerate. The was the objective of the advance of this process.

People necessary to be able to “put up” your food as soon as it to be ripe so the it could be consumed all year round. Castle were putting upor keeping their food because that the winter, sometimes in a source cellar. Not only does this procedure allow the food to it is in stored till needed, but the sugar contents acting as a preservative will certainly certainly permit the food come stay great after that is opened. And also many human being today perform not refrigerate their jam, jelly, and also other condiments ~ they have actually been opened.

But, having actually said that, we all have actually refrigerators now, for this reason why not usage them. Her jam and also jelly that will certainly last around 30 work after opened without refrigeration will last 6 months to a year if refrigerated. That means if girlfriend eat a most jam or jelly or other kept fruit products, it would certainly be good to simply leave castle on the table, kitchen counter, or room after they are opened.

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However, if you are prefer me and also just eat a spoonful every as soon as in a while, it would certainly be better and the jams and also jellies will certainly last a lot much longer if you keep them in the refrigerator ~ opening. If friend decide not to refrigerate these foods after opening, there space some points you can do come make certain the food stays great as long as possible and certain things come look because that to make sure you space not eating spoiled food.