Naruto: 10 strength Kakashi Still has After shedding His Sharingan regardless of not being an Uchiha, Kakashi was known for relying heavily on his Sharingan. Without it, what can the famous Copy Ninja tho do?

Kakashi there is no the Sharingan making use of Shiden
Kakashi Hatake is just one of the most important characters in Masashi Kishimoto"s Naruto story. Gift the leader the Team 7, Kakashi had the duty to advanced Naruto and his teammates right into the best feasible shinobi they could be and also for that, he had to be exponentially capable.

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Famed together the Copy Ninja, Kakashi"s greatest strength to be the Sharingan that he received from Obito Uchiha during the Third great Ninja War. Unfortunately, the Fourth an excellent Ninja War significant the end of his time through the Sharingan after Madara stole it. Nonetheless, Kakashi stays to be amongst the strongest even without the eye.

Kakashi Hatake is a grasp of innumerable jutsu and also he can additionally use the famed Rasengan, a Jutsu considered to it is in the heritage of the fourth Hokage. The is well-known to have learned this Jutsu in ~ quite an early age, even prior to he come up v the Chidori. In fact, Kakashi"s Chidori is a failed attempt at including his lightning nature to the Rasengan. After losing the Sharingan, that still has access to this jutsu today.

Earth Release earth Style Wall
one of Kakashi"s best assets as a fighter is the he"s a reasonably balanced shinobi. Not only does he have actually a strong arsenal of assaults up his sleeve yet he can also defend from oncoming attacks just together well. Kakashi"s the strongest defensive an approach after losing the Sharingan is the Earth-Style Wall, the powers of which he displayed against Pain throughout his intrusion of Konohagakure.

Kakashi making use of Lightning clone
one of Kakashi"s most significant strategies transparent the story is his clever usage of the lightning style Shadow Clone Jutsu. As the name suggests, this an approach allows the to create a clone that himself v lightning relax chakra. When the clone comes in contact with the target, that paralyzes them, providing the actual Kakashi an opportunity to end up the job. He supplied this method several time in the story, most notably once he fought and defeated Obito Uchiha in the Kamui dimension.

7 Kakashi can Use Shiden together A Substitute for The Raikiri

After losing his Sharingan, Kakashi couldn"t make use of his signature technique, the Raikiri, anymore. After ~ the end of Naruto, he came up with a brand-new Jutsu known as Shiden, which worked very comparable to the Raikiri however didn"t require the Sharingan.

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This an approach channels a bolt the incredibly powerful lightning that showed to be solid enough come even damages the Nue. Currently, the is Kakashi"s strongest technique.

Kakashi Hatake has great skills when it pertains to Kenjutsu. As a teen, he was skilled sufficient to wield his father"s White irradiate Saber, and later on, Kakashi presented the skill of gift able to quickly use the Executioner"s Blade, among the swords that the seven Swordsmen the the Mist. His skills with a sword have actually most certainly not dilute after shedding his Sharingan as he deserve to still fight against any strong opponent when offered a blade.

5 Kakashi have the right to Utilize The power Of The Eight within Gates

Unsurprisingly, Kakashi displayed the strength to use among the Eight inner Gates throughout the Chunin Exams arc that Naruto as soon as he to be climbing increase a cliff because that practice. Return he"s never ever used this strength since, the truth remains the Kakashi is capable of tapping into it. Making use of this power, Kakashi can remove all his mental inhibitions. Even if it is he"s learned to open more gates or not continues to be unknown.

being a grasp of over a thousand techniques, it wouldn"t be a stretch to say that Kakashi has a decent amount of Fuinjutsu methods up his sleeve. A glimpse that his proficiency v this power was provided to the fans during the Chunin Exams arc as soon as he attempted come seal away Sasuke"s Cursed Seal"s spreading influence.

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Given that the method was very complicated, Kakashi likely has actually some simpler Fuinjutsu approaches up his sleeve together well.

3 Kakashi deserve to Utilize The Multiple zero Clone Jutsu

back Kakashi"s reserves of chakra aren"t as great as Naruto"s, he"s more than qualified of using multiple zero clones. He to be seen utilizing this power throughout the soil of tide arc. Having lost the Sharingan, Kakashi should have the ability to conserve much more chakra now and also make his Multiple zero Clone Jutsu even stronger 보다 it was before.

just like most elite ninja, Kakashi has actually his own signature summoning and also they"re his load of ninja hounds, led through Pakkun. Presented in the land of tide arc, Kakashi"s dogs are strong enough to organize down targets and make fighting less complicated for himself. What"s much more is that they"re wonderful when it involves tracking down targets, making lock versatile. They perfectly fit Kakashi"s style as a ninja.

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1 Kakashi have the right to Use Shiden Nagashi come Hit many Targets

one of Kakashi"s most advantageous techniques, Shiden Nagashi is an applications of Shiden that he developed sometime after the Naruto series ended. Making use of this technique, Kakashi deserve to channel present through his entire body, paralyzing and also inflicting damage to anyone also close to him. This technique was demonstrated by him during the Academy Graduation exams arc in Boruto when he battled Boruto"s entire course at once.

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