Remember When: Myles Kennedy replaced mark Wahlberg in the movie ‘Rock Star’? The change Bridge singer does!

Posted by Zach demonstrate on July 18, 2016


It’s not that regularly when metal creeps its method into mainstream pop culture. So as soon as metal/hard rock acts do actually popular music up in beloved sitcoms, dramatic films, cartoons or even reality series, it’s kind of awesome. Therefore in the weekly column Remember When, steel Insider recalls the most random instances that metal’s elite showing up in former of the camera.

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It would be shocking if a film title Rock Star DID not have any actual absent stars in it, specifically when said movie is loosely based upon the story of just how Tim “Ripper” Owens go from fronting a Judas monk tribute band to the actual band for a few albums. So normally the 2001 film starring note Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston had plenty that cameos indigenous rock and also metal all stars. Most noticeably were the guys who shown the fictional band Wahlberg’s personality idolizes and eventually joins, steel Dragon, which contained Zakk Wylde, Dokken’s Jeff Pilson and Jason Bonham. In fact, not just did all 3 play top top the original songs that showed up in the film and soundtrack (as well as a cover of Rainbow’s “Long Live Rock and also Roll”), however Jeff Scott Soto and also Steelheart’s Miljenko Matijevic actually listed the to sing voices in the film. Also Steel Panther’s Michael Starr had actually a small appearance in the movie.

But together we look ago at the film (which wasn’t very well got by either critics or audience at the time), yes sir one appearance in particular that’s stays mind blowing: Myles Kennedy. The powerhouse vocalist to be still fronting The Mayfield four when he was tapped for a small duty in Rock Star. Playing a young avid pan of steel Dragon through the name of Mike (or as his friends call him, “Thor”), Kennedy’s character is noticed by Wahlberg’s character out-singing that from the crowd. He climate pulls young “Thor” onstage to sing the rest of the song, climate tells that to finish the remainder of the band’s show (so basically, every metal fan’s dream as soon as attending a show). It’s in reality a rather crucial scene, one that straight parallels a minute at the start of the film and also finds Wahlberg realizing that possibly life as a absent star isn’t for him.

Kennedy has since found his own rock star success, now ideal known as the frontman of alter Bridge. He’s likewise become Slash’s go-to singer for his solo outings. Alter Bridge freshly kicked off a tour through Disturbed and also Breaking Benjamin, and is set to relax a new album this October. HOWEVER, the singer was able to collection aside part time to talk to us around how his cinematic debut concerned be, and also what the was like to movie alongside mark Wahlberg (as fine as just how the film essentially led to a jam session with a legend rock band years later).

We’ll be posting a complete interview v Kennedy about Alter Bridge’s new album soon. In the meantime, inspect out what Kennedy shared with us about Rock Star, and also watch his illustration in the film, below.

I know you were still fronting The Mayfield 4 at the time, and also I’ve heard you formerly say it to be as an easy as your manager finding out the movie essential someone through a really high vocal range. Yet do you recall how precisely you became approached because that this duty in Rock Star?

I think what occurred was… i don’t understand if you’re familiar with Brendan O’Brien. He’s a really exceptional producer and mixer. He blended the very first Mayfield 4 record <1998’s Fallout>. Reportedly he to be friends, or something taken place where the was talk with among the greater ups , and also apparently they had actually been searching for the character because that a while. They wanted someone who might sing and also beat the role. So he threw my name the end there, and they got to out to me. So I’m an extremely grateful come Brendan because that that. But yeah, I had actually never acted before, and also I haven’t acted due to the fact that <laughs>. But it was a yes, really cool experience for me, nonetheless. I got to step right into this entirely different world, and see how different the film industry is contrasted to the music industry.

Do you have any details fond storage or funny moments the stood the end while top top set?

Well, the funniest moment that ns remember was as soon as we were obtaining ready to shoot, ns think us were actually rehearsing, yet we were all on the stage there at the Los Angeles Memorial sports Arena where a the majority of to be shot. As soon as we began practicing the scene, us were said that instead of steel Dragon’s music playing , we were going to play Marky mark & The Funky Bunch’s “Good Vibrations” >. That was quite funny, simply seeing the watch on mark Wahlberg’s face. So that’s something that definitely stood out as really humorous.

<Editor’s Note: part of the above mentioned prank actually made its method into the film’s end credits>

But I had a many of good experience, like gaining to cave out and also meet Zakk Wylde and Jason Bonham. Interestingly enough, meeting Jason Bonham to be partly exactly how years later I gained to jam v him, Jimmy Page and also John Paul Jones.

It’s funny you said that, due to the fact that I constantly wondered if this film played a duty in those jam sessions. Nice cool that we deserve to say Rock Star was essentially responsible because that you gaining to jam v your music idols.

Absolutely! What taken place was, sooner or later we to be sitting there either in between takes or rehearsal, and also I just let understand what a huge role his father’s legacy and the music he to be a component of played in my life. The was very gracious and appreciative the me expressing that, i m sorry is yes, really cool come see, and also he’s for this reason proud of his father. Therefore yeah, who knew that a few years later on things would play out the way that castle did?

Going back to the filming itself, and correct me if i am wrong, however you’re the just actor who “actual” singing voice was supplied in the film, is the right?

I’m the only one it is actually singing, as far as i know. I could be dorn here. However I think Jeff Scott Soto and also Steelheart singer Miljenko Matijevic to be the 2 voices for Mark’s character and the personality he “replaces” in steel Dragon .

I ask because often a five minute step in a movie can take hours or also days come film, together I’m sure you experienced firsthand. Just how was having to song for that prolonged amount that time, take after take it at together a high pitch, on her voice?

It wasn’t too negative because what taken place was us shot the scene where I’m actually singing, ns think that was done maybe in one day. The other scene whereby I’m acting and having dialogue with note was done in one more day. Ns pretty certain that to be the case. Yet yeah, there’s that super lengthy high note that wake up right before the guitar solo, therefore doing the time and also time again wasn’t precisely the most basic thing to execute all day long <laughs>.

That was yes, really the least of my worries. Come be moral with you, i felt so uncomfortable with the outfit and also wig i was wearing. The end of the whole process, that’s the point I quiet think about. Even though everyone remained in character, and also that’s simply the way it was and people understood that, ns still couldn’t assist get over the reality that ns was put on a animal leather outfit and also eye liner.

Was it same awkward because that you once you were actually doing a scene with mark Wahlberg? since in the scene, you’re made the end to watch exactly like every other, wearing the precise same wig and leather outfit.

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Yeah that was a tiny strange <laughs>. The was absolutely a … the thing about Mark is he has such a presence, so standing alongside that guy, she definitely conscious of what a substantial star that is. You could see it earlier then that he to be destined for great things.


Let’s say who decides to do a film around Alter Bridge. What actor would you cast to portray yourself on the big screen?

Oh that’s yes, really tough! who would I want to portray me on the huge screen… I’m type of illustration a blank… Jared Leto has absolutely proven the he is a yes, really talented actor. Ns think I an initial saw that in The Dallas Buyer’s Club. He is a really an excellent actor. That’s the only name that’s coming come mind… him or macacayy Culkin? <laughs>

Both would certainly be great choices, however I would’ve unable to do with spreading Mark Wahlberg as you, simply for old time’s sake.