Who doesn’t love McDonalds Sweet Tea? Iced tea is therefore refreshing. Nothing says summer like a thirst-quenching glass of iced tea. If request what is my favorite menu item at McDonalds I will tell you it is their sweet tea.

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I understand Iced tea making can be a very personal drink to make. Us all have our favorite methods to make iced tea. I have actually friends that have special microwave methods. Other civilization I know have actually ways they do their sun tea. Other civilization like to let your tea steep for around an hour.

Now McDonald’s doesn’t do anything exotic favor this. They do their tea in a large machine choose a coffee maker. Therefore the tea steeps just for the appropriate amount of time. You and I don’t have their makers at home, but we have the right to make a similar kind of tea just like they do.


One that the most necessary things you have the right to do is to usage the right form of tea. McDonald’s offers a proprietary blend. I like to use Luzianne or also Lipton brand tea as soon as making iced tea. Ns think both sell a really great flavor.

One wrong some people make is if they want a stronger tea lock steep it because that a longer time end heat. This have the right to make the tea bitter. If you desire a stronger tea, merely add much more tea.

One the the services of do your own sweet tea is that you can manage the lot of sugar the is in the recipe. Did you know that a huge sweet tea in ~ McDonald’s has 280 calorie in it? If you desire you can make her tea with much less sugar to save on calories.


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Important actions in making Iced Tea

Always use dual the amount of tea as contrasted with warm tea. I uncover when making 2 quarts of iced tea, I favor to usage either three family-sized bags or twelve regular-sized bags.Add the street at the very same time together the tea bags. This means the sugar will absorb much better into the tea.As soon as the tea finishes steeping, to water over ice. The suddenly cooling conservation the odor of the tea and also keeps that is fruity flavors intact.One mistake some civilization make is if they want a more powerful tea castle steep it for a much longer time over heat. This can reason the tea to become bitter. If you desire a stronger brew, simply add an ext tea.

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