Find out all you need to know around Metro by T-Mobile"s great international exclusive right that enable you to speak to to your loved ones around the world.

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Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) has a robust offering of international add-ons for your cell phone plans, highlighted by their Canada Unlimited and also Mexico countless add-ons.

Unlike Metro’s parent firm T-Mobile, whose plans come v at the very least some (if not many) international features, the carrier previously known together MetroPCS does not include international perks with their plans. You’ll have actually to add on global services to her Metro plan if you desire to have the ability to call or message abroad.

Outside of their Mexico and also Canada add-ons, Metro’s global add-ons consists their an international Voice add-ons and also My human being add-ons because that making calls and texting (when applicable) to other countries around the world.

Mexico Unlimited

With the Mexico countless add-on from subway by T-Mobile you get:

Unlimited calling to and from MexicoUnlimited data in Mexico at 5MbpsUnlimited text massage in Mexico

Mexico endless add-on cost: $5/month

Canada Unlimited

Like the Mexico endless add-on, the Canada unlimited add-on will only cost you $5/month. With this add-on friend get:

Unlimited call to and from CanadaUnlimited data in Canada in ~ 5MbpsUnlimited text massage in Canada

Canada countless add-on cost: $5/month

Metro through T-Mobile’s an international Voice

Metro by T-Mobile’s an international Voice add-on permits you to speak to to numbers in pick countries approximately the world. There room a handful of different worldwide Voice options to pick from with the main differences between each being:

The variety of minutes consisted of in the add-onThe countries included

Global Voice add-ons space only easily accessible for $30 and above Metro plans.

Global Voice perks perform not use when roaming and cannot be merged with any other Metro international add-ons except for the Mexico and Canada limitless add-ons.

$10 global Voice endless Landline

The global Voice unlimited Landline add-on allows you unlimited minutes to contact to landline number in places such as (but not minimal to):

AustraliaAustriaBelgiumChileCosta RicaFranceGermanyHong KongIndonesiaIrelandIsraelItalyJapanNew ZealandUnited KingdomVenezuela

Cost: $10/month

$10 worldwide Voice Unlimited

This global Voice option gives you limitless minutes and also texts to any number in:

BrazilChina (excluding Taiwan and also Hong Kong)ColombiaFrench GuyanaGuamIndiaMalaysiaPeruSingaporeSouth KoreaThailandUS Virgin Islands

Cost: $10/month

Global Voice 15 minutes and worldwide Voice 15+

Both that these global Voice choices give you minutes of talk to numbers in Cuba. The an international Voice 15 add-on comes v 15 minutes, if the global Voice 15+ add-on gives you approximately 30 minute of talk.

These choices do not include texting.


Global Voice 15: $10/monthGlobal Voice 15+: $20/month

Global Voice 50 minutes and global Voice 50+

These 2 add-ons come v talk minutes and also unlimited texting to number in places including (but not restricted to):

AfghanistanArmeniaBelizeBritish Virgin IslandsCambodiaCroatiaDominicaEgyptHaitiIraqJamaicaLaosPakistanPhilippinesRussiaSaudi ArabiaUkraineUnited Arab Emirates


Global Voice 50 Minutes: $10/monthGlobal Voice 50+ (includes 100 minutes): $20/month.

Global Voice 100 minute and global Voice 100+

The an international Voice 100 minute add-on and also the global Voice 100+ add-on (includes 200 minutes) permits you to contact numbers in the complying with locations:

BermudaCzech RepublicEl SalvadorGuadeloupeGuatemalaHondurasKazakhstanNigeriaSouth AfricaSwitzerlandVietnam

Both plans come with countless texts come number in the same countries.


Global Voice 100 Minutes: $10/monthGlobal Voice 100+: $20/month

Global Voice 200 minutes and an international Voice 200+

With worldwide Voice 200 minutes ($10/month) and an international Voice 200+ ($20 for 400 minutes) you gain talk and unlimited text to number in:

AustraliaAustriaBelgiumChileCosta RicaFranceGermanyHong KongIndonesiaIrelandIsraelItalyJapanNew ZealandUnited KingdomVenezuelaAnd numerous more


Global Voice 200 Minutes: $10/monthGlobal Voice 200+ (400 minutes): $20/month

Metro’s My people Add-Ons

My people add-ons are comparable to Metro’s worldwide Voice add-ons in the they administer you with an allotment of minute to usage to contact numbers in choose countries around the world. However, My human being does not encompass texting.

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My people add-ons are only accessible for Metro’s $40 plan or greater and company are not accessible while roaming.

With My civilization you can make calls to numbers in:

EcuadorEl SalvadorGuatemalaGuyanaJamaicaPakistanPhilippinesRussiaTrinidad & TobagoBahamasHondurasNicaragua

My civilization comes in a number of options including:

My civilization 100 Mobile come Landline Minutes for $10/monthMy human being 200 Mobile to Landline Minutes because that $20/monthMy world 60 Mobile come Mobile Minutes because that $10/monthMy human being 120 Mobile come Mobile Minutes because that $20/month