Patrick is happy married to his long-term girlfriend Elisa Beth Yao, who is 36 as for now. Their love story is not publicized, however Elisa shared through Twitter, that she fell in love through Patrick automatically after he began singing.

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They were caught by paparazzi for the first time in 2007. Elisa and Patrick confirmed that they to be dating, and also then attended miscellaneous public occasions together. In September 2012 they ultimately made that official and wedded in ~ a closed ceremony. Simply relatives and also a couple of friends were among the guests.

Currently, Elisa and also Patrick reside in Chicago. They bring up 2 boys.

Patrick Stump kids

Declan Stumph (son through Elisa Yao)

photo / davidmassey123

Date the birth: October 13, 2014

Elisa and also her husband Patrick make the efforts to store the fact of the pregnancy in secret. The musician shared in his interview, that his mam is expecting a baby, simply in September 2014. A month later on the baby was born. The first person, who shared the happy news was Ellen DeGeneres. She uploaded ~ above Twitter the snapshot of the cute baby and added that “it to be a boy”.

Now Declan is a happy 4-year-old child. He resides in a big house in Chicago v his parents and also a small brother.

Antero Stumph (son through Elisa Yao)

Date that birth: 2016

At the graduation ceremony in ~ Glenbrook south High School, Mr. And also Mrs. Stumph announced their 2nd pregnancy. The boy gone into this civilization at the end of 2016. That is 2 as of now. The happy parents keep Antero the end of the limelight.

Who are Patrick Stump parents?

Patricia Vaughn-Stumph (mother)

Patrick tells, that he was quite a pampered kid, and also his childhood was fairly happy till the moment of his parents’ divorce. ~ that, that resided v his mom in Glenview, IL and missed his dad for this reason much.

Patricia earned she living together an accountant. She join her work-related with taking treatment of three kids. Together the ex-wife that a musician, she knew, the her son’s passion for music was real, and she sustained him in it. However when her child missed a semester in university to pay through just-made “Fall the end Boy”, she asked him to find a constant job. Instead of it, on the sixth of may in 2003, he released his first song.

Now Patricia Stumph, who maiden surname is Vaughn, is very proud of she son!

David Stumph (father)

photo / david.stumph.5

Music is in Patrick’s genes, and he inherited his tremendous love to it indigenous his father. David Stumph is a unique person. In his youth, he offered in Vietnam and then was a frontline protestor. During the year of service, the met well-off Raitano, with whom they founded the individual band “Uncle Barnaby”. After the music was the most, but not the only, crucial thing in his life. He studied healthcare management at DePaul University. Then David obtained married and fathered 3 kids, one of which is ours hero – Patrick. David make a effective career that a service administrator, and he joined it v writing songs and making music. As Uncle barnaby member, he acquired popularity throughout Chicago.

After his divorce to Patricia Vaughn, David stayed close with his kids and served as motivation for his child – fall Out boy frontman Patrick.

Patrick Stump siblings

Megan Stumph Auler (older sister)

photo / pbr3000

Date of birth: September 10, 1975

Patrick is closely-knitted through his older sister, who birth name is Megan Marie Stumph. She works as a product manager. Since September 2013 she is married to James Auler. They live in Chicago, IL.

Kevin Stumph (older brother)

Date of birth: January 13, 1979

Patrick’s older brother is a musician, too. The is a violinist. Kevin and also Patrick have actually busy schedules, however they stay connected and also communicate as lot as possible. Currently, Kevin stays in mountain Ramon, CA.


Patrick young name Stumph is one American famous singer, songwriter, and also multi-instrumentalist. He gained international popularity as a frontman and also a etc player of the band loss Out Boy. He invested his beforehand years in Evanston, Illinois.

Mr. Stump prospered up in the family members of a singer (father) and an accountant (mother). He has a brother and also a sister. Patrick passed with his very first serious personal crisis in ~ the age of 8. At that time his parents separated, i beg your pardon left the boy in frustration. To cope v it, he listened come music and later he started to do music himself. He acquired inspiration native such well known musicians together Michael Jackson, Tom Waits and Elvis Costello.

He attended Glenbrook southern High School. After ~ graduation, he chose to focus his efforts on music. He join the band “Fall the end Boy”, and also soon became one the its leading singers. In 2003 the tape released a mini-album “Evening out v your Girlfriend”, which was tape-recorded within numerous days and also cost nearly nothing to its creators.

On may 6, 2003, the band released the debut album “Take this to her Grave”, which automatically became popular. After the Patrick and also his partner signed the deal with Island Records and continued their way on top.

In 2011 Patrick made a stop in his activity of loss Out young frontman and also channeled his energy on creating a solo project. He exit the an initial full-length solo album “Soul Punk”, which gained mostly confident reviews from critics. In 2013 he returned to “Fall out Boy”, and also in 2018 they presented the seventh collection of song “Mania”. It occupied the top position at Billboard warm 200.

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Interesting and fun factsPatrick determined to do a stop in his activity of fall Out young member after the release of the album “Folie A Deux”. It to be a box office flop, and also after that fans literally threw rotten vegetable in the musicians throughout their tour. So, they made decision to prevent for a while, but several years later loss Out young members again shook your hands.Patrick Stump tried his hand in acting, too. He showed up in several display projects, amongst which over there are renowned TV collection “Law & Order” and also “One Tree Hill” (cameo).He hates, when civilization call him “Pat”, together his mommy Patricia was named at house in together a way.Michael Jackson track “Thriller” is just one of his most favorite music numbers, and Michael Jackson is among the performers, who affected him. The is likewise a pan of Prince and David Bowie.He is a fan of Indian cuisine. His favourite dish from this cooking is Shrimp Vindaloo. “Vindaloo” means “a garlic wine” in Portuguese. Its key ingredients room potato, shrimps and also Indian spices.