The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is truly an attractive place, as I uncovered on mine two recent trips there. The rich history of Old san Juan, numerous beautiful beaches, the tropic rainforest El Yunque and the Bioluminescent only are just some the the attractions for a be safe holiday.

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The main news the end of Puerto Rico these days, however, is the island"s $72 exchange rate debt. ~ above Dec 4, the us Supreme Court i agreeed to consider Puerto Rico"s very nice of a judgment forbidding the use of a US regulation that would enable it to declare bankruptcy and also restructure that is debt.


Unlike a formal united state state, Puerto Rico, which ended up being a United states territory in 1898 adhering to the US intrusion in the Spanish-American War, is not permitted to declare bankruptcy.

In his resolve to the UN basic Assembly in September, Cuban leader Raul Castro called for the freedom of Puerto Rico. Yet the self-reliance movement there is currently supported by a decimal of its 3.6 million people, most of who speak Spanish fairly than English.

Puerto Rico looks no American in the language talked there, but more in the it is among only two locations in US region where the metric mechanism is used. The other is Guam, i beg your pardon the united state took indigenous Spain in 1898.

At gas train station in Puerto Rico, prices are noted as dollar every liter, rather than every gallon, as in the continental US. In measuring distance and also weight, kilometers, meters and also kilograms space used rather of miles, feet and pounds.

While these indicators may do American tourists feeling quite foreign in a united state territory, that makes worldwide travelers much more at home.

Having studied, worked and lived in the united state for years, I have no feeling that 7-foot-6 in reality is the height of a 2.29-meter tall male like Yao Ming, and I have to do my math in filling the end a type about my height in feet instead of meters.

The weather application on my iphone is presented in Celsius, rather of Fahrenheit, because I am still not quite numerate in informing the high of 55 F ~ above Sunday is 13 C to it is in exact.

I am no alone among the many Chinese and also people native other nations traveling, studying, working and living in the US, together the united state remains among only three countries in the human being that have not embraced the metric system. The other two are Myanmar and also Liberia, both third World nations.

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The us was in reality one of the original 17 signatory countries in 1875 to the Metric Convention, or the treaty of the Metre. The united state Congress in 1975 pass the Metric conversion Act come coordinate and also plan the enhancing use that the metric device in the country, yet so far progress has been exceptionally disappointing.