Dorothy stays on a farm in Kansas with her Uncle Henry and also Aunt Em. Except for Dorothy and her happy small dog, Toto, the people, buildings, and also landscape that the farm space dry, gaunt, and also gray. A cyclone roars throughout the prairie, yet Dorothy and Toto execute not make it into the cyclone cellar in time. Grounding in the farmhouse, Dorothy and Toto whirl up to the optimal of the shrieking cyclone. The cyclone carries the home for hours, and also eventually Dorothy drops asleep.

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Dorothy awakes with a jolt and also sees sunlight shining v the windows. She house has been collection down in the land of Oz, a beautiful, verdant land, flush with gorgeous flowers and birds. ~ above arrival, a team of tiny old men referred to as Munchkins and also a great witch called the Witch the the North method Dorothy. The Witch that the north calls Dorothy a sorceress and congratulates she for death the evil Witch of the eastern and releasing the Munchkins. Dorothy is mortified come realize her house has landed top top the wicked witch, leaving just the witch"s two feet difficult out. The Witch the the North provides Dorothy the witch"s charmed silver Shoes. Dorothy asks for aid returning home to Kansas, yet the Munchkins and great witch to speak it is impossible, because that there is a an excellent desert neighboring the floor of Oz. Dorothy begins to cry, and so perform the Munchkins. The good witch balances her lid on her nose and also says, "One, two, three," and also the cap transforms to a slate through the words, "LET DOROTHY go TO THE CITY the EMERALDS." The Witch of the phibìc kisses Dorothy for protection and also tells Dorothy to walk the yellow brick roadway to Emerald City to ask the good wizard Oz because that help.

Dorothy readies herself for the trip to Emerald City, pack food right into a basket and dressing herself in a clean, blue-and-white checked gingham dress and also the silver Shoes of the angry Witch the the East. Together she walks the yellow brick road, she look at a Scarecrow on a pole in a cornfield. The Scarecrow winks in ~ her and also asks Dorothy to cost-free him from the pole. Dorothy frees the Scarecrow, and also he decides to travel v her come Oz come ask the an excellent Wizard because that a brain. The Scarecrow expose the only thing he fears - a lighted match.

Dorothy and also the Scarecrow proceed down the yellow brick road, which has become uneven and also full that holes. The Scarecrow asks Dorothy why she would want to leave beautiful Oz to go back to dry, gray Kansas. Dorothy responds that there is no location like home. The Scarecrow tells Dorothy of just how a farmer make him and how he was no a great Scarecrow. The crows ignored the Scarecrow and ate the corn. One old crow told the Scarecrow that whether a raven or a person, brains are the only things worth having in this world. Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow proceed walking until dark and also stay at a small log cottage for the night.

The next day, Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow seek out water. Close to the water, they discover a man made that tin. The tin Woodman is therefore rusted, he cannot move. Dorothy frees the believe Woodman by oiling his joints. The tin Woodman decides to sign up with the undertaking to Emerald City so he can ask Oz for a heart.

The woodland grows ominous, tangled through dried branches and also leaves. The chitter of birds disappears, replaced with the growls of wild animals. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the believe Woodman listen a destructive roar, and a Lion leaps the end of the woods and also hits the believe Woodman and Scarecrow. Once the Lion tries come bite Toto, Dorothy slaps the Lion top top the nose and calls that a coward. The Lion cries and admits that roars come cover his cowardice. The Lion join the venture to the Emerald City come ask the an excellent Oz because that courage.
The party to meet a an excellent ditch which crosses the yellow brick road and divides the woodland as much as they deserve to see. The Lion springs earlier and forth over the ditch, transporting the rather on his back. They reach a deep, dark component of the forest where the Kalidahs live. Kalidahs space horrible beasts with tiger heads, be afflicted with bodies, and long claws. They come throughout a deeper, more comprehensive ditch the Lion cannot feather across. The tin Woodman chops under a tree to do a bridge. As the party the cross the bridge, the Kalidahs chase them across the tree. The tin Woodman chops the finish of the tree, i beg your pardon falls, dashing the Kalidahs to pieces on the sharp rocks in ~ the bottom that the ditch. As they proceed on the yellow brick road, they emerge from the dark woods to find a beautiful nation of meadows and also fruit trees. They should cross a vast river come continue, and the Woodman builds a raft from fruit trees.
The next morning, the party tries rafting throughout the river, but they space swept downriver toward the floor of the wicked Witch that the West. The Scarecrow becomes stuck on a pole in the center of the river, and the others continue to float downriver. The Lion jumps into the water and pulls the raft come shore. The group walks ago upriver and rescues the Scarecrow, through the help of a Stork. The group tries to overcome a grassland of red poppies, however the odor of the poppies causes Dorothy, Toto, and the Lion to autumn asleep. No made of flesh, the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman are immune to the poppies, and they lug Dorothy and also Toto out of the poppy field.
The Scarecrow and also Tin Woodman conference a yellow Wildcat chasing a mouse. The tin Woodman death the Wildcat, conserving the Queen of all the ar Mice, who has thousands of mice at she command. The tin Woodman directs the Queen computer mouse to send for she mice and also ask every to bring a long piece that string. The Woodman cuts under trees and makes a van on wheels. The Scarecrow and Woodman use the strings to close the mice to the truck. The Scarecrow and Woodman fill the Lion top top the truck and also the mice traction the truck the end of the poppy field.
The party will the land of Oz. The country is beautiful, and the fences and also houses lock pass are painted green. They prevent at a farmhouse, and the woman provides them supper and a ar to sleep. The farmer tells them that Oz is a an excellent Wizard, that can appear in any kind he wishes. He likewise tells them that no one is enabled to watch the Wizard"s true form. They following day the group arrives in ~ the Emerald City, which is surrounding by a great green wall and has actually a large gate studded v emeralds. Dorothy rings the bell and the door opens. They meet a tiny green man, the Guardian that the Gates, who asks lock what they wish for. The Guardian of the gates asks them to placed on eco-friendly glassed spectacles and also says he"ll take them to the royal residence of the good Oz. All citizens of Oz wear the spectacles and also they space locked on. The Guardian claims the spectacles prevent blindness from being exposed come the brightness and glory the Emerald City.
Green marble houses and streets studded with sparkling emeralds adorn Emerald City. Also the sky over is tinted green. The civilization of Emerald City all wear green clothing and also have greenish skin. After finding out of Dorothy"s silver- shoes and the note of the great Witch, Oz agrees to watch Dorothy and also the others. The members that the team are admitted one in ~ a time to check out Oz. Oz appears as a bodiless head to Dorothy, a beloved lady come the Scarecrow, a destructive beast to the tin Woodman, and a sphere of fire to the Lion. Oz agrees to help them if they kill the angry Witch the the West.
When the group enters the evil Witch"s territory, she summons a fill of vast wolves, a murder of crows, a swarm of bees, and also an military of Winkies to kill the group. However, the team defeats every one of the Witch"s minions. The Witch uses her golden Cap come summon the Winged Monkeys. The monkeys seize the tin Woodman and drop him on spicy rocks. They pull every one of the straw out of the Scarecrow. They bring the Lion and Dorothy come the Witch. The Witch imprisons the Lion and also forces Dorothy to clean and also sweep. When the Witch steals among Dorothy"s silver shoes, Dorothy throws a bucket the water top top her. The Witch melts and dies from the water. Dorothy retrieves she shoe and frees the Lion.
Dorothy frees the Lion and the yellow Winkies. Thankful for your freedom, the Winkies resolve the tin Woodsman and also the Scarecrow. The group decides to go back to Emerald City to insurance claim Oz"s promises. Not learning its power, Dorothy put on the golden Cap the the Winged Monkeys.
As the group heads eastern toward Emerald City, they end up being lost. Dorothy blows she whistle to speak to the mice for help. The Queen tells Dorothy to usage the gold Cap to summon the Winged primates to carry them come Emerald City. Dorothy supplies the golden Cap, and during the journey, the King Monkey tells she the story of the golden Cap.
The team arrives at Emerald City and also shares the news of the evil Witch"s demise. Oz stalls for days, just agreeing to see the travelers ~ the Scarecrow threatens to noble the Winged monkeys on him. The all walk to the Throne Room, however do not see Oz. Instead, they just hear his voice. Lock ask Oz to save his promises, yet Oz asks them come return the next day. The Lion roars to surprised the Wizard, causing Toto to jump and also tip over a screen in the corner. A tiny old bald guy is revealed in the corner, who reveals he is the true kind of Oz. Oz is a common man from Omaha, that went increase in a balloon and also blew away to this land. Oz discover that things in Emerald City space not all green, the spectacles simply make them look that way. Oz instructs them to return in a day or two, and says the will save his promises.
The next day, Oz offers the Scarecrow brain of pins, needles, and bran, installs a pretty silk heart into the chest that the tin Woodman, and feeds part liquid courage to the Lion. Oz is still no sure how to return Dorothy come Kansas.
Four days later, Oz sends for Dorothy. The plans to do a silk balloon and to paris Dorothy over the desert surrounding the lands. Dorothy and Oz bland the balloon, coat the inside through glue, and attach a basket. The civilization of Oz conference to clock the balloon take it off. Native the basket, Oz speak the human being the Scarecrow is their brand-new leader. The tin Woodman chops lumber for a fire, and hot air filling the balloon and makes that rise. As Dorothy looks for Toto, the balloon breaks free of the restraints and lifts Oz right into the sky, leaving Dorothy and Toto behind.
Dorothy provides the gold Cap because that a 2nd time come summon the Winged chimpanzees to bring her end the desert. The Monkey King tells she the Winged primates cannot overcome the desert. The soldier through the green whiskers argues Dorothy ask Glinda, good Witch the the South, for aid returning home to Kansas. The Scarecrow, Lion, and also Tin male decide to companion Dorothy top top her quest south to discover Glinda.
The team encounters a thick lumber on your journey south. A tree choose up the Scarecrow and also flings the headfirst with the air. The Scarecrow attempts come traverse the woods again but the tree flings him again. The tin Woodman do the efforts next and also cuts a tree in two before it have the right to seize him. The tree begins to shiver and permits the Woodman come pass. One more tree seizes Toto, however the Woodman chops that tree too, and the other trees leave the group alone. As soon as they reach the edge of the woods, the team runs into a high white wall. The tin Woodman decides to make a ladder for this reason they deserve to climb it.
The Woodman build a ladder and the group climbs over the white wall. The floor on the other side has actually a smooth white floor scattered with tiny china houses, small china people, and also tiny china animals. The group traverses the china land, encountering a milkmaid, a joker, and a princess.
The group enters one old forest of huge trees. Lock hear a low rumble and also encounter a collection of hundreds of beasts, consisting of tigers, elephants, bears, wolves, and foxes. The largest tiger bows to the Lion, welcomes him together the King of Beasts, and is happy the Lion has pertained to fight their enemy, a large spider-like monster. The spider monster has eaten all of the lions of the forest. The Lion defeats the monster by knocking off its head, and the beasts bow to him. The Lion assures to return and also rule over them after Dorothy returns to Kansas.
The group involves a steep hill covered in huge rocks. Hidden amongst the rocks are numerous armless Hammer-Heads. The Hammer-Heads usage their extendable necks and also flat heads to headbutt human being down the hill. Dorothy supplies the gold Cap come summon the Winged monkeys for the third and final time. The Hammer-Heads shot to hit the group as it paris over, but cannot with them. The team crosses the farming country of the Quadlings and asks a soldier because that entry to good Witch Glinda"s castle.

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Glinda agrees to tell Dorothy exactly how to go back to Kansas in exchange for the golden Cap. Glinda will use the gold Cap to return the Scarecrow come Oz, the tin Woodman to the land of the Winkies, and the Lion to his forest. Glinda tells Dorothy her silver- Shoes have always had the strength to return her home. All Dorothy must do is knock she shoes together three times and command the shoes to take her home. Dorothy does and is went back to Kansas. She is in her stocking feet, together the shoes have actually fallen off and are shed in the desert.