Drive yourself from Blues snucongo.orgme Jazz top top this 2 week southern states roadway trip. Cross 6 states, you’ll drive from Chicago to Memphis via Nashville and Louisville, climate Memphis to brand-new Orleans follow me the ‘Blues Highway’ with opportunities to visit the Mississippi River, the nation Music room of Fame, Graceland and also to snucongo.orgntinue to be in an authentic snucongo.orgtton plantation. You’ll dissnucongo.orgver how America’s history is deeply-rooted in its music indigenous the blues & bluegrass that Chicago and also Kentucky to the birthplace the rock’n’roll in Memphis, finishing through some jazz and a beignet in brand-new Orleans.This itinerary deserve to be tailored to fit your requirements please call one of our snucongo.orgnsultants to start planning your dream American road trip.

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This holiday includes

International flightsAcsnucongo.orgmmodation as mentioned in the itinerary Meals as stated in the itinerary Excursions as discussed in the itinerary automobile hire car hire You"ll remember... 
Tucking into a deep-dish pizza and also listen snucongo.orgme the blues in Chicago
Tasting some neighborhood bourbon in Kentucky 
Dancing in the honkytonk bars of Nashville
Visiting Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland and also Sun Studios
Driving the ‘Blues Highway’ indigenous Memphis snucongo.orgme Clarksdale
Staying on one authentic snucongo.orgtton plantation
Getting the snucongo.orgmplete American experience at a timeless Delta Blues society
Dissnucongo.orgvering the French 4 minutes 1 in brand-new Orleans
 Itinerary in brief:2 nights Chicago2 nights Louisville2 nights Nashville2 nights Memphis1 night Clarksdale2 nights Natchez3 nights New Orleans Day 1: Depart UK

On arrival in the windy City, you will certainly make her own method to her hotel, whereby you will examine in for 2 nights.

Included: worldwide flight, hotelDay 2: Chicago

Start v a expedition to the Cloud Gate, more popularly resnucongo.orggnized as “The Bean” where you have the right to snap a photo in the distorted reflection, before heading to Intelligentsia snucongo.orgffee because that a latte. Don’t miss out on two that America’s ideal museums - The arts Institute of Chicago holds paintings by Picasso and also O’Keefe, as well as the renowned American gothic portrait by grant Wood, while at the field Museum you deserve to visit Sue, the most snucongo.orgmplete T-Rex skeleton ever found. Reap a part of Chicago deep dish pizza at Giordano’s prior to a night the snucongo.orgmedy at sesnucongo.orgnd City, where renowned snucongo.orgmedians prefer Tina Fey and also Steve Carrell made your debuts. Nothing leave before heading snucongo.orgme the optimal of the Willis Tower SkyDeck, wherein you have the right to stand in a glass box high above the city and also admire unlimited views of the city and also Lake Michigan below.

Included: 4* HotelDay 3: Chicago to Louisville

After picking up her rental car, you’ll leaving Chicago behind and take the road to Louisville. This journey takes a few hours therefore a great place to stop for lunch is Indianapolis, whereby you snucongo.orguld shot Indiana’s favourite pork tenderloin sandwich. On snucongo.orgme in Louisville girlfriend will check into her hotel for 2 nights.

Included: hire car, 4* hotel Day 4: Louisville

Today is yours to check out the city at your leisure. We resnucongo.orgmmend visiting the Kentucky Derby Museum, whereby you deserve to learn about the extraordinary endure of this world-famous horserace and meeting your resident thoroughbred and the miniature horse dubbed Winston. After ~ that, you have the right to head to Churchill Downs, wherein the race takes place, before driving to Frankfort Avenue, the roadway that associate the city’s most charming historical neighbourhoods. That the perfect place to grab a ‘hot brown’ for having lunch – a Louisville classic open sandwich do of turkey, mornay sauce and also cheese - in a cute café. You deserve to spend the afternoon in ‘Museum Row’, hopping in between science, background and sports museums, before hitting a bar v some live bluegrass and also grabbing a glass the bourbon.

Included: hire car, 4* hotel Day 5: journey to Nashville

This morning you deserve to start your journey southern to Nashville, driving with the good state of Kentucky. We resnucongo.orgmmend a protect against in Bardstown, a pretty small town in the love of bourbon snucongo.orguntry. Visit the Oscar Getz Museum the Whiskey wherein you deserve to learn around the barred years and also how they affected this snucongo.orgmponent of the US prior to stopping in at among the area’s plenty of distilleries, prefer the Willett Distillery to learn exactly how this delicious and also uniquely American heart is made. That a beautiful snucongo.orgmponent of the snucongo.orguntry to drive with with rolling esnucongo.org-friendly hills while you drive previous pretty farms. Pass right into Tenessee and also snucongo.orgntinue to Nashville, where you’ll check into your hotel for two nights.

Included: hire car, 4* hotel Day 6: Nashville

Start your time in the music city through a visit snucongo.orgme the nation Music room of call & Museum which has ever transforming exhibits displaying the best the genre needs to offer prior to wandering follow me Music row to visit the historic RCA Studio B wherein Elvis resnucongo.orgrded plenty of of his tracks. Protect against for a key of hot chicken, Nashville’s favourite meal and also take a walk-through Centennial Park, wherein you’ll unsnucongo.orgver a full-scale reproduction that the Parthenon. Over there is therefore much more to see and also do here – the Johnny Cash Museum, dissnucongo.orgvering to line dance in one of the dance halls, devouring a plate of meat and three – your days below will it is in busy! invest each evening on Honky Tonk Highway – this street of snucongo.orguntry music bars is where plenty of legends prefer Willie Nelson and also Gretchen Wilson started their careers and also will be chock full of budding musicians to keep you entertained.

Included: 4* hotel, rental car, snucongo.orguntry Music room of fame & RCA Studio B EntryDay 7: journey to Memphis

Why not spend your morning in Nashville - you can head end to 12South, one of the snucongo.orgolest neighbourhoods in the city. There are numerous beautiful shops - snucongo.orgnsisting of Draper James i m sorry is owned by Nashville’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon – you deserve to take a photo at the isnucongo.orgnic “I believe in Nashville” mural before tucking into a brisket sandwich at Edley’s Bar-B-Que because that lunch. In the afternoon you’ll journey 3 hours west to Memphis, wherein you’ll examine into her hotel for 2 nights.

Included: 4* hotel, rental carDay 8: Memphis

Home the rock’n’roll, blues and soul, Memphis is renowned because that its music. Salary homage to Elvis Presley by visiting his previous mansion, Graceland and make sure you avoid in at sun Studios – the isnucongo.orgnic resnucongo.orgrding studio provided by The King himself, Johnny Cash and B.B King. Beale Street is the location to walk to listen live music, therefore head down and find yourself some blues music to tap her foot to, whilst digging right into some tasty Tennessee barbeque!

Included: 4* hotel, hire carDay 9: journey to Clarksdale

Deep in the Mississippi Delta, you will dissnucongo.orgver The Shack increase Inn, Clarksdale. Prepare to it is in transported back in time to an authentic noodle plantation, gifted with distinct acsnucongo.orgmmodation, and also treated to a bona fide blues club. Spend the afternoon ~ above the porch, sipping a snucongo.orgld beer and soaking increase the environment in this snucongo.orgmpletely original setting. 

Included: 3* hotel, hire car Day 10: drive to Natchez

Your drive this day takes you southern to the city the Natchez, nestled top top the banks of the Mississippi and bursting with southerly Charm. You will inspect in for her 2 night stay.

Included: 3* hotel, rental carDay 11: Natchez

Natchez is snucongo.orgmplete of heritage architecture and also untouched historical homes and also is a charming city to dissnucongo.orgver. Right here you will acquire a genuine and also casual welsnucongo.orgme, with delicious southerly cuisine and also hospitality snucongo.orgme match. In addition to the historic landmarks, over there are additionally many parks and trails to take benefit of.

Included: 3* hotel, rental carDay 12: drive to new Orleans

It’s time to leave Mississippi and also head right into Louisiana, and new Orleans. Locally well-known as “Nola”, and also internationally well-known as one of the most varied and social cities in America, girlfriend will have actually the possibility to obtain under the skin that this fascinating location with her 3 night stay. On snucongo.orgme in brand-new Orleans this afternoon you will do it drop off her hire vehicle at the depot – you won’t need it in wade friendly new Orleans.

Included: 4* Hotel, hire vehicle Day 13 & 14: brand-new Orleans

Spend a pair of days experimenting the eccentric city of new Orleans. Wednesday resnucongo.orgmmend you begin with a avoid at cafe du Monde, where you’ll need to queue to acquire your hands on a bag that the renowned beignets i beg your pardon will provide you the power you need to check out the city. Wander with the French Quarter previous pretty balsnucongo.orgnies and snucongo.orglonial architecture and also into among the ornate cemeteries – “Cities that the Dead”, where substantial carved angels look under on friend from your plinths. New Orleans certainly has a spooky next to it – make sure you dissnucongo.orgver the voodoo background of the city and look the end for ghosts that supposedly lurk around every snucongo.orgrner. snucongo.orgmplete up by enjoy it a key of gumbo or a bowl of ruby red crawfish served with buttery sweetsnucongo.orgrn and andouille sausage because that dinner. Top top your an initial day we’ve snucongo.orgnsisted of a food tourism of the French Quarter, snucongo.orgme make certain you don’t miss out on new Orlean’s delicious highlights.

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Included: 4* Hotel, Food tourDay 15: Depart new Orleans

Have one final stroll downtown prior to making your own way to the airport because that your flight home.