This week our article was Eating her Friends is the Hardest: The Survivors of the F-227. The post presented the story of just how the starvation of thesurvivors the a aircraft crashdrove themto the allude of cannibalism. The story really emphasizes the idea that social construction of reality. It permits the reader to see exactly how the behavior ofthe survivorswent from gift what we think about normal to what we consider barbaric. Together Henslin clues out, our society gives different objects arbitrary meanings through social building of reality, however we"re very capable of changing these definitions. Usually alters in the circumstance make oursociety much more accepting of transforms in the meaning of this objects.This is exactly what happened to this survivors. A an essential point in the story is when the survivors listen on the radio the the find for them has actually stopped. Before this suggest many the the human being thought the Canessa"s idea of eat the corpses together purely wrong, however as they grew weaker and also weaker the an interpretation of the human being body changed from a gift a human being that deserves respect to gift a means of survival and also food. There are several less extreme instances of this in our day to day lives. This main in class we talked around social building of reality and also we experienced a few examples of it in Freaks and also Geeks. For instance, when

Sidney provided Sam his coat his friends started to construct interpretations from that receiving the jacket. They arrived on the conclusion the the jacket must average she likes him. This to be on a much smaller range than what happened in the Andes, however the three geeks created a nice arbitrary meaning to a basic act. An additional example of social building and construction of reality is prove by the growing number of people in the senior class who ditch class. Though countless seniors previously considered skipping class as something only lazy students that care tiny about their education and learning do, circumstances have changed as we"ve end up being seniors. Most members that the senior class room taking numerous honors or advanced classes, participating in extra-curricular activities, working a job, and trying to finishcollege applications. For many this has already become also difficultto handle, so they sleep in and also skip a course or two. The meaning of omitted classhas thus transformed native a negative thing come a an excellent thing.

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Skipping is justified since it"s viewed an ext asan important factor in maintaining good health than pure laziness.