Im wanting to obtain into hunting whitetail through a pistol and i was reasoning a 44. Would certainly be a good start. But was just wanting to know what come effective range on a 44. Was. Thanks for the information everybody.

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I offered the .44 mag for about 10 years before getting into Contenders. During that time I killed deer at varieties from 5 come 73 yards.Looking at the number I would certainly say that approximately 100 yards is around the best "effective" variety for a hot 44 mag fired from a 6" barreled gun. If you have a 12-14" barrel and also can squeeze more velocity you might probably push it to 150 yards.
if you not mind me askin what is the going price on a contender and the competitor is a TC product right.

Probably around 100-125 yards depending, but the most important thing is in ~ what yardage deserve to you keep 100% of her shots in the death area under hunting conditions. The locations I have actually hunted in Georgia v a handgun mine kills have actually probably been between 15 and also 50 yards.You deserve to sometimes discover a an excellent used contender Package with scope and also all in the $250-400 range.Brand brand-new a frame runs around $325 and barrels approximately $225.
How far can you hit the vitals with every shot? If you go with a contender you might consider other calibers. Ns feel there"s no need for a 14 inch barreled 44 in a contender. If you room going that long you should think about one the the rifle rounds chambered in it. If ns buy another 44 it will likely be a 10 inch barrel.
if you dont mind me askin what is the going price on a contender and also the contender is a TC product right.
Ive seen numerous in pawn shops below lately through scopes because that under 500$ ..... Will probaly have actually me one setup for next year in a 30-30 or a 35 !!

My Pal has one in 3030 the was supplied by some good handgunner to set a couple of records. His best is 110y.

My longest .44 death was with a Marlin 1894P in ~ 188 yards. I wouldn"t introduce it though. I really don"t know what i was thinking. The bullet drop is favor 16". I think about the effective range for me to it is in 125 yards v rifle, and 50 yards through my handgun. Ns stink v the handgun! give me a combat pistol, and also things change.

I would certainly think 150 yards would certainly be reality if friend were making use of a challenger or a carbine v the Hornady Leverevolution stuff. Looking at the ballistic charts, the ammo seems to give you about 25 much more yards than your typical 240 serial JHP. (based on energy) In a revolver, different story. You can"t get near the exact same velocity. I would say 75 yds would be pushing it.

I had a ruger supervisor blackhawk 10.5" barrel however was not an extremely accurate through it and never shot in ~ an animal with it.I sold it and also bought the S&W 629 standard 6.5" barrel and also man what a difference.I to be much an ext accurate v it.At 100yds I might hit a milk jug every shot and also could bounce it about pretty well totally free handed.I sited the in at 50yds.Ended up killing numerous deer with it 2 at 96 and also 98 paces v iron sites free handed.I am no a an excellent shot but not bad either.I loved that gun till someone wanted it much more than me.Shot 180gr hornady XTP"s out of it.So I would certainly say 100yds is for sure if you have the right to shoot it.
I wonder just how a BFR .444 marlin would measure increase in ballistics because that a hunters pistol? The Hornady ammo does well in rifles!
I am accurate right into a 9 inch file plate in ~ 130 yards v my SBH 10 1/2" - 2 X Leupold. (Good enough for deer) ns hunt through either handloads the a similar bullet or with Black Talon 250 grain.

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shot a couple of at 100 with good results. Hornady XTP 300 grain has a leave wound you can put your fist through!
assuming your just talking about handguns. A 100 to 125 sound a bit long, yea mabey puttin one in there now and also again possibly, however if her being realistic, shooting of shoot sticks or againts a jaw tree 75 yards would certainly be a great cut off. Currently this does"nt encompass those men that can shoot a solitary action prefer them tv warm shots cuz there the end there, ive watched em at the range puttin all six in the black at a 100 and also get iritated when theres one emotional the white.
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