I to be mounting a Samsung TV to the wall. Ns purchased the finest selling TV wall mount kit. I have everything setup to mount the TV. I have the tools and all the hardware needed. The difficulty I am having actually is the screws the came v the TV mounting kit execute not seem come fit into the ago of the TV. The screws that came with the TV mountain kit room too wide.

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Ns am not able come secure the TV come the mounting bracket. Am I lacking something? How have the right to I find out which type of screws fit right into my TV to organize the bracket?

What size Screws do I require From wall surface Bracket come TV?Find out which screw size and also length will connect TV to wall surface Bracket

Screws because that Mounting TV to wall surface Bracket:The most typical screw because that securing the TV to the wall bracket is an M8 screw.The various other screw size for part TVs room M4, M5, and M6.The length will be determined by the form of TV friend have.


Here are 4 screw kit for mounting your TV come the wall surface mount bracket…

Universal TV to mountain Screw Kit

Samsung TV to mountain Screw Kit

LG TV to mountain Screw Kit

VIZIO TV to mount Screw Kit

TV Mount through Rubber Spacers applied To ScrewsSpacers are used on TV mount screws because that airflow and also length issues


Wall Bracket to TV Screws chart – VESAM4 – M6 – M8 – B0lt Screw sizes – display Size – VESA

To uncover the depth or size of the screw you need:Put a pencil or toothpick down into the screw feet to uncover a turbulent estimate of the depth or length of screw needed.You can also purchase a Universal TV to wall Bracket Screw Kit and also have every the screws needed consisting of spacers and washers.The screw the holds the mounting bracket to the TV should have at the very least 5mm the threads into the TV to organize it secure.Be certain you add the depth or thickness the the TV mounting bracket when finding the exactly screw length.

HOW come HANG your TV ~ above A wall MOUNT – step BY STEPUniversal mount Kit – discover Stud – 24″ – mount On Stud – Drywall

Take the guesswork out of detect the exactly size and also length screws for your TV to wall surface Bracket…Here are TV to wall Bracket Screw kits for Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Vizio TVs, and also Universal TV Mounting Screws and also Washer Kits.

Samsung TV Mounting Bolts Screws WashersThis screw kit will fit all Samsung TVs as soon as mounting the TV to the wall Bracket


Need someone To Mount your TV come The wall surface For You?TV wall Mounting organization From Amazon

Need aid finding the correct length and also diameter screws for your TV mount? Please leave your concern below and we will certainly be happy come assist!