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Name of the file: Empire earth 2 : The arts of supremacy Cheat codes - Author: ANO -
Press during game play to display screen the conversation window. Go into icheat to permit cheat mode. Then, get in one of the following codes to activate the matching cheat function. Note: some codes have no result in the worldwide versions the the game.Effect Code~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional 10,000 of all resources - lootAdditional 50 an innovation points - give techAdvance one date - date upConvert selected unit - convertToggle God setting play - godGive 20 damages points to selected unit - punishRecharge strength for selected unit - recharge meWin scenario - winLose 100 of all sources - taxesToggle instant construction - sea monkeysToggle fog of war - toggle fogDisable all active codes - idontcheatDisplay version number:Press + + + V throughout game play.Display structure rate:Press + + + F during game play.
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If Empire earth 2 : The arts of dominance Cheat password doesn"t work for your game version, friend can find an different trainer accessible at