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(Peggy thomas Blair)
22 December 27 is born in Appalachia, Virginia, come Doyle H. And Elizabeth G. Blair. She father is manager of industrial relations because that a big corporation and will come to be an entertainment service manager.
? attends personal school in Pittsburgh
36 her family starts a series of moves. Finally, her father becomes studio manager the the Goldwyn Studios, and also they work out in Hollywood.
? attends Hollywood High institution
? lying around her age, she gets some modeling assignments
? during the summer of her fourteenth year, she works as one usherette at the Hollywood bowl
44 moves v her household to Oakland, whereby she enrolls in Mills university
during she sophomore year she wins the school’s highest possible scholastic award
leaves Mills university after 2 years to show up on the radio soap opera “Today’s Children” for $375 a main
c. 46 marries Los Angeles business man Revis T. Call. He"s around 25; she"s 19.
? adopts the expert name Peggie speak to
49 is spotted by an agent while eating a shrimp cocktail in ~ the seafood bar in the Farmer’s Market, which leader to a screen test at 20th Century-Fox. Her partner in the check is young actor john Russell.
c. 49 is signed come a contract with Universal-International. Top top her an initial day at the studio, she drops in love at first sight with spreading director Robert H. Rains.
July 49 the push reports that she has actually no selection when studio bosses ask she for a little of leg art publicity. There"s a clause in she contract that requests her to pose for such cheesecake shots if the agency feels castle will development her screen career.
September 49 receives the title of "Miss Classy Chassis" from members that the joined Auto employees Union of seven western claims
October 49 is elected "Miss Cheesecake" by the Pacific shore Restaurant Convention delegates. She"s presented with an neck teapot by the nationwide association.
May 50 is Audie Murphy"s girl the the minute
Mid-August 50 dines v Murphy at the Brown Derby when Audie is taken really ill through a malaria attack. "When ns arrived Audie was at the table and also he just couldn"t move," she says, "he was so sick. I dubbed a physician who offered him part shots and also put him to bed. However he got worse and also it take it two civilization to hold him down."
October 50 she and Audie Murphy have actually shelved it
? she and also her estranged husband, Revis Call, are back together and dropping divorce plans. She date Audie Murphy till landing that big a duty in The Prince that Was a Thief.
50 divorces speak to after five years that marriage. Contact wie die at age 81 in 2002 in California.
November 50 acquires the title "Miss Jet Job" once air cadets check out her "aerodynamically perfect lines." She films Air Cadet, a jet pilot training picture, in ~ Williamsfield, Arizona.
51 along with Piper Laurie, Mona Freeman, Barbara Payton, Mala Powers, and also Barbara Bates, she is favored as the Hollywood push Association’s “Baby Star”
4 January 51 marries Universal-International casting director Robert H. Rains in Juarez, Mexico
April 51 is obtained from Universal-International by producers Bruce Manning and also Jack H. Skirball for a role in Payment ~ above Demand. It"s her very first real chance, play Bette Davis" sophisticated young daughter, and she transforms in a project that definitely stamps her for future stardom.
May 51 advertises for MJB coffee. "Peggie castle knows: "You can"t do a negative cup the M.J.B.""
June 51 was to reduce by Universal-International, however now they want her back to show up in kid of Ali Baba
Early 50s is a lonely and also not-so-happy person in spite of being married to a wonderful guy
53 signs with United artists Studios because that seven images
June 53 says that women favor rough, hard men. She gives the Caspar Milquetoasts the quick brush-off and advises young gallants to boss their females around. "Wishy-washy poetry-scouting lovers get the Hollywood steed laugh," she claims.
July 53 goes to new York come publicize I, the Jury
4 January 54 she and Rains different
January 54 promotes she upcoming The lengthy Wait saying, "Let"s confront it. Nobody likes nice women on the screen. Quite women space dull."
February 54 is date by assistant director invoice McGarry due to the fact that the separation indigenous his wife, Gail McGarry. Gail says she won"t provide her husband a divorce and, if that attempts to get one, she will file a overcome complaint.
April 54 speaks versus her swim scene in Yellow Tomahawk. She talks roughly town that she"s going to compel producer Aubrey Schenck to do something about the sequence in which Rory Calhoun captures her swim in a river and declines to leave. At the request of the Johnston Office, the Technicolor scene was printed darker. She states darker or lighter, it mirrors too much of her. In 1989, Jackie Rife remembers having actually been she swim-in at the Kanab, Utah, location.
29 April 54 wins a divorce from spreading director Robert H. Rain in Santa Monica, California, charging cruelty. She testifies he claimed her acting style "went out v Mary Pickford." He"s 33; she"s 26. Rain will come to be the stable of actress Arleen Whelan in 1955 and also will get married singer-starlet Julie valve Zandt in 1958.
May 54 is taken into consideration for the brand-new Lorelei Kilbourne in a brand-new batch the "Big Town" telefilms. Jess Barker exam to replace Pat McVey as Steve Wilson.
June 54 she and McGarry are amongst the ringsiders when Dorothy Arnold opens at the Players. Brad Dexter and Marilyn Sweeney sit alongside them.
McGarry"s wife, Gail, gets her divorce, through alimony and also property settlement
August 54 visits McGarry in ~ the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, place of Blue Horizon
November 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports the she and McGarry are "Aisle-Be-Seeing-You"
February 55 will marry McGarry in June and hopes come honeymoon in Acapulco. Her divorce indigenous Bob Rains will be final in March; Bill will be free in May.
May 55 is on ar filming for The White Orchid in Papantla, Mexico, home of the Totonac ind
June 55 tells columnist Jimmy Fidler the she will marry McGarry approximately June 15. They will honeymoon in Mexico.
July 55 the push calls her "the negative man"s Claire Trevor," play the unpreventable blonde in distress
columnist Erskine Johnson announces she will certainly marry invoice McGarry in August. They will honeymoon in Europe, where Bill"s working in a brand-new Spencer Tracy film, The Mountain.
? marries her assistant manager in Overland Pacific, william McGarry. He’s 22 years she senior.
November 55 can"t execute any much more Mike Hammer pictures, due to the fact that she was eliminated off in the an initial one, I, the Jury. But due to the fact that The long Wait, another Mickey Spillane story, doesn"t indicate Mike Hammer, Victor Saville put her right into the photo as one of the four girls in Tony Quinn"s life. The gals, incidentally, all have actually the same physical measurements.
December 55 films Target Zero completely on location at the Army"s fort Carson, Colorado, under what is technically termed "simulated combat conditions." The Army, cooperating with Warner Brothers, in one circumstances loans 1,700 men for an important combat scene.
56 with actresses Dolores Donlon and Shawn Smith, she’s recorded dining in ~ Toots Shor
April 56 is picked together the "Ideal Hollywood Secretary" by the movie capital"s room of Commerce. She wins the nod for she secretarial role in miracle in the Rain.
57 is off to Britain because that the filming of The Counterfeit arrangement
October 57 is house after play the feminine lead opposite Mario Lanza in 7 Hills of Rome, but her husband, bill McGarry, needs to linger in Paris. Bill, who functioned behind the camera through MGM"s Gigi agency in Paris, can"t return until the studio finds a agency to insure $750,000 worth of movie which MGM has emerged in Europe. Few planes fail to acquire through this days, however this is a big sum. Peggie gives glowing reports that Mario"s new picture. She says she will open Christmas week at the Music room in new York. She also relates some nearly unbelievable statistics about Mario"s capacity to obtain weight when he allows himself go.
October 59 says in a public release about her to sing on ABC-TV"s "Lawman: "Good heavens, I"d never sung in mine life. Not also in the bath tub and all of a suddenly I find myself singing in about every 3rd episode the the program."
July 60 confirms that abc is talking about a Lily album through her to sing from "Lawman"
September 60 she and also "Lawman" co-star Peter Brown make a human being appearance at the brand-new Mexico State same
November 61 the press heralds that she is an avid art collector. "There are just 16 Rembrandts in visibility - and also 23 the them are in the united States."
July 62 says she placed a lot of thought into shaping Lily Merrill, she character on the "Lawman" series. "I"ve tried to provide Lily the glamour and presence of the well known English actress Lily Langtry, and the fire and also sexiness of the one and only Maria Montez, famous dancer the the turn of the century."
6 January 63 her daughter, Erin K., is born in Los Angeles
January 70 divorces wilhelm McGarry in Los Angeles. McGarry will certainly die at period 71 in 1979 in California.
? develops a significant drinking problem and also gradually slips far from fact
17 October 70 marries businessman Arthur S. Morgenstern in Los Angeles. He"s 39; she"s 42.
April 73 her mother dies
30 April 73 becomes the widow the Morgenstern, that dies in Los Angeles
? is discharged from Camarillo State Hospital
10 august 73 as Peggy S. Morgenstern, she die at period 45 in the Hollywood apartment the her second husband, producer wilhelm McGarry, in ~ 1801 North elegant Avenue, while sit on the couch in the living room / is discovered sitting ~ above a couch in the life room by her former husband, william McGarry. There apparently was reconciliation underway with McGarry. The couple"s daughter, Erin McGarry, resides in Huntington Beach.
11 august 73 the coroner reports that she died of a heart strike caused by hardening of the arteries of the heart. The autopsy is carry out by deputy coroner Richard Ponds.

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