You may need to restore an iPod due to the fact that it has stopped operating effectively or you wish to clean the iPod difficult drive of old files. Restoring the iPod will certainly delete all documents on the an equipment and gain back the device to the factory settings. When restoring an iPod you may encounter a 1439 error code. This code suggests that one unknown error has actually occurred. This error may occur for several different reasons consisting of outdated USB drivers and also a outdated version of iTunes.

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Download the latest version of iTunes. Click the download link and follow the surroundings prompts.

Disconnect the iPod indigenous the computer and any extr peripheral devices connected into the USB ports, through the exemption of the mouse and also keyboard. Restart the computer.

Reconnect the iPod come a USB port. If feasible connect it to a various USB port 보다 that i m sorry was used in the previous gain back attempt. ITunes need to recognize the machine and display screen the iPod an equipment icon the left pane.

Make sure disk use is allowed in iTunes. Choose the iPod an equipment icon in the left pane. Choose the "Summary" tab in the right pane and also check "Enable disc use."

Restore the iPod again. Come restore, launch iTunes and also select your iPod maker in the left pane. Fight "Restore," and iTunes will restore the device. After repair is complete, iTunes will certainly ask friend to surname the maker and select syncing preferences for the iPod.

Update the USB driver software program in windows if the error still occurs. To upgrade the driver, click on the "Start" button and enter "Device Manager" in the find field. Click on "Device Manager" and also click on "Update Driver Software." choose "Search instantly for update driver software." Windows will certainly search and also update the driver software. If the can"t find it, struggle the "Back" button and also select "Browse my computer system for driver software." type "C:\Windows\INF" in the search for driver field and also hit "Next." The system should upgrade the driver now.

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If utilizing Windows XP, you may try reinstalling the iPod dll files. Come reinstall, copy the dll files and paste them into a Notepad file. Conserve the file as "appleipod.bat" and also save it to the desktop. Double-click on the newly developed "appleipod.bat" file. The paper will open and disappear. Then shot restoring the iPod.

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