Empty Room escape Walkthrough cheat – You are in the locked room, therefore find and use various items and also hints the can help you fix puzzles then finally escape.

Empty Room Escape application game by Zhiqiang Huang ~ above android and iphone

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empty room escape video clip cheats overview :

how to play empty room video game :Collect item by clicking them. If you desire to usage the item, selct it by clicking the suitable cell in the list on the right. Select item has actually a white frame roughly its icon.Some items deserve to be combined.If you desire to protect against playing and also continue later press “save” button. Then use botton “load game” in the key menu.

Empty Room escape Solutiontap the chair and get a red pencil under the chair, also look at the QR password there space 4 numbers on every side

go to the left room and also tap the middle wall surface and stripped the wallpaperget a document on floor then look in ~ the best safe top top wallenter 4 number from QR code :top : 7left : 2right : 8bottom : 5get a magnet and black tube inside

look at package on left floorget a paper behind the box and also use the pencil ~ above the document to disclose code :CLOSE +17 6look in ~ the code on crate there are 3×3 button that friend can adjust into – or .look at the morse code file on inventory, you should spell SOS making use of morse codethe answer is :1st heat : . . .2nd row : – – –3rd heat : .

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. .get a driver inside then tap the box for another chess puzzleyou need to relocate the knight piece with l movement, madness on these squares :7 4 12 x 65 8 3get a an essential and cable cutter inside

go come the left roomtap the door and get a stick over the door, integrate it with magnet

move to the right room and tap the bottom right wall for pluguse driver to open it and also get a an essential using magnet on the hole

go to the appropriate roomtap the chair and check the bottom part, usage screwdriver to remove the screw to obtain the chair legs

move come the best roomplace the chair legs on left wall surface then insanity the optimal side to climb upuse the cable cutter to reduced the bars open and also tap the red button

go to the various other side whereby you have the right to see room through safetap the left safe and also open it for a key

back to the various other sidelook the SOS bottom left next to use the vital on the keyhole and also open itobtain vital and minus screwdrivertap the floor best side, wherein you deserve to open the floor board utilizing the minus screwdriverflip the board for number proviso : -6 +16 +6

look at the black tube ~ above inventoryadd the close alphabet through the number :C +17 = TL +6 = RO -6 = IS -16 = CE +6 = Know adjust the letters from black tube right into TRICKget a key inside

go come the door and tap the door handleuse the driver to remove the take care of cover, placed the EXIT crucial one by one and also tap the door opencongratulations ! you have actually escaped