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as soon as Romeo is in Juliet"s garden and she speaks from her balcony (not yet learning he"s there), he states she need to speak again due to the fact that she is "As glorious to this night" together is "a winged messenger the heaven." His imagery here compares she to an angel. He pursues this...

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When Romeo is in Juliet"s garden and also she speak from her balcony (not yet understanding he"s there), he says she need to speak again because she is "As glorious come this night" as is "a winged messenger that heaven." His imagery below compares her to an angel. He pursues this conceit: the angel is glorious "Unto the white-upturned wondering eye / Of mortals that fall ago to stare on him." She is an point of view above, and mortals look at upon her v "wondering" (awestruck) eyes, together they space unworthy come look ~ above her. 

He additionally uses the "her eye are prefer stars!" simile, but he"s a bit more creative in how he presents it: 

Two that the fairest stars in all the heaven,Having some business, carry out entreat her eyesTo twinkle in their spheres till they return.

That is, 2 actual stars had organization elsewhere, so they asked her eyes to was standing in because that them when they to be gone. 


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There room multiple alternatives to choose from in this scene. Imagery deserve to be identified as vivid and also descriptive language the appeals to the reader"s senses. In act 2, step 2, Romeo spies on Juliet from her garden together she was standing on she balcony. The party has just ended and the lovers have actually realized each other"s true identity. Smitten, Romeo has resorted come stalker tactics and Juliet has actually isolated herself to mourn her brand-new crush. 

Romeo starts Act 2, scene 2, by utilizing light and also dark imagery to compare Juliet"s beauty to the of the sun"s brilliance in the morning. He mentions the moon together a pale imitation to the sun and also notes that others should be jealousy of how beautiful Juliet is.

"But soft! What light with yonder home window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon" (2, 2, 2-5)

He continues to usage the light/dark imagery as he compare the twinkling the Juliet"s eye to the stars in the skies and also how her cheek"s brightness can shame the real stars come dim.

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