Examples of things that are not matter incorporate thoughts, feelings, light, and energy.

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It’s basic to define matter, yet harder to describe phenomena that room not matter. Matter is noþeles that has actually mass and also takes increase space. This contains atoms, elements, compounds, and any object you deserve to touch, taste, or smell. Points that room non-matter either have actually no massive or else don’t to fill a volume. Here are several examples:

Time: Time can be measured, but it has actually no mass and also occupies no volume.Rainbow: A rainbow is an optical phenomenon. It’s essentially light.Emotions: Love, hate, and happiness may be rooted in chemistry, but feelings don’t have mass or occupy volume.Gravity: You deserve to feel the effects and it is linked with mass, yet it doesn’t consist of matter.Memories: prefer emotions, these are non-matter.Dreams: Again, friend can’t sweet them top top a balance or enclose them in a container.Magnetism: Forces, in general, are not matter.Information: details may be recorded in a physical form, however it’s really simply a concept.Music: Music is sound, i m sorry is a form of energy.

How to Tell miscellaneous Isn’t Matter

There room two basic tests you deserve to perform to tell if something consists of matter. If it fails either test, it’s non-material.

Could the phenomenon be weighed on any kind of scale? Matter has mass.Does the phenomenon accounting a volume? In other words, walk it take up space? all matter has physical dimensions.

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Note, your senses aren’t constantly reliable signs of even if it is or not something is matter. You have the right to see light and feel heat, but they don’t have mass. You can hear music, but you can’t sweet it or enclose it. 2 senses you deserve to trust room smell and taste. These 2 senses call for chemical receptors. Every scents and also flavors are chemical compounds, which room matter.


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