Strategy guide About, Plowing Fields, Planting Farm town Fields, Harvesting offering Crops, Storng Crops, little Seeder, sector Place, Tractor, Vehicles and also More!.

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This Farm city strategy guide will recognize things like just how to play farm yard Town, killer Farm city tips and also how come win several money playing the game.

Farm town Beginners


Getting Started– once Farm Town tons for the very first time, girlfriend will require to get in a surname for her farmer and select a gender. Then click the green check mark. Developing a name will certainly earn you 500 coins. Next, you will require to produce your player. Click through the different categories and select your nose, ears, clothes, and more. Girlfriend will also earn 500 coins for doing this. Click the inspect mark once you room done. Your game will climate load. You will begin with 5 farm Cash and 560 coins.

Plowing fields– friend will need to plow areas to begin. Each ar will price you 20 coins come plow and you will earn 1 XP every field. You need to plow fields before you can plant crops. In her bottom toolbar, girlfriend will check out a hoe tool. Click the hoe tool and place your computer mouse on her farm, friend will notification that you have a plot. You have the right to now click anywhere on your farm to plow a new field. Plow as countless fields as you desire or can.

Deleting fields– If friend have areas that you need to delete, click the field and also click Delete in the menu. The ar you clicked will certainly be deleted.

Removing spaces between fields– You have the right to remove spaces from between your areas which will allow you to ar the areas tightly together. Then you will certainly have an ext space to plow more fields. To eliminate the spaces, click the Settings symbol in the peak right corner of her game and click remove Spaces. Her spaces will certainly be removed once you plow more fields.

Planting Farm town fields– once you are prepared to start planting your fields, girlfriend will must click the store symbol in her bottom toolbar. Place your computer mouse over the symbols to view the name of them. Once your save is open, click the seeds category. In this section of the store, friend will check out the seed you deserve to plant. Click the seeds you want to plant and the box will certainly close. Currently click the ar you want to tree in. You can plant different plants on your farm. Merely go earlier and select another type of seeds. Then click the fields to plant them.

Harvesting Farm town fields– when your plants are ready, you can harvest lock to do money. There room three ways to harvest your crops and we will discuss them below.

Harvesting and selling her crops– Harvesting and selling your crops will earn you the the very least amount of coins. However, this is a quick means of harvest if you only have actually a few fields. To use this option, click the harvest tool in her toolbar and click the field you want to harvest. In the menu, select Harvest and Sell. Your crop will immediately be harvested and also sold.

Harvesting and storing her crops– If girlfriend harvest and store her crops, you will make a little an ext money 보다 the an initial option. Friend harvest all of your crops and also they are placed in her storage. Then you go to the market place to offer them. To usage this option, seize the harvesting tool and click a field. In the menu select, harvest and also storage. The harvest will certainly then be placed in her storage.

Hiring who to harvest her crops– rental someone come harvest your crops is the best method to go since you make a lot much more money and you do not have to sit there and harvest every field. You have the right to hire her friends to harvest your areas or you have the right to go to the market and hire people.

Harvesting Trees– some of your trees can be harvested. You have the right to place your computer mouse over the trees to watch if they are all set to it is in harvested. If lock are, you have the right to hire someone to harvest them or harvest castle yourself. Friend harvest lock the same method you carry out the crops.

Farm city vehicles– Farm town has different vehicles you can purchase come make farm yard life easier. This vehicles can be found in the save under the tools category. Below you will find a list of the vehicles and also what you need to purchase them.

Small Harvester– The tiny harvester will let girlfriend harvest two fields at a time. This harvester will price you 15,000 coins. However, you really carry out not require the harvester due to the fact that you have the right to hire human being to harvest.

Big Harvester– The large harvester will let you harvest four areas at a time and also will cost you 30,000 coins. Again, the harvester yes, really isn’t worth the coins if you are just starting out since of the alternative of hiring civilization to harvest.

Small Seeder– The tiny seeder will cost you 20,000 coins. This seeder will enable you to tree two fields at one time.

Big Seeder– The huge seeder will enable you to tree 4 fields at one time and will cost you 40,000 coins. If you have the extra coins, you must invest in the seeder, lock will save you time when it come time to plant.

Plowing Tractor– The tractor will enable you come plant four fields. Friend will need to pay 60,000 coins for the tractor. If you have sufficient neighbors, girlfriend can currently plow 4 fields at once for free. So, if you perform not have actually the money for a tractor, usage your plow tool that you currently have.

Refueling vehicles– you will need to refuel her vehicles once you operation out. To perform this, girlfriend will have to click the Map icon and go come the Fuel Station. Offer the fuel station a minute to add up her fuel and then click the Refuel button. You should visit every one of your neighbors prior to refueling because that will assist increase the lot of fuel you will certainly get.

Buying a brand-new farm– farm yard Town now offers you the alternative of purchase a 2nd farm. This farm functions the exact same as your an initial farm. You have the right to move items native your very first farm to your second farm, share vehicles, neighbors, and also coins between the two farms. The farm yard can additionally be upgraded the same method you upgraded your very first farm. To acquisition a new farm, you have the right to pay 3,000,000 in coins or 120 in farm Cash. You deserve to buy a second farm by going to the Map and also click Realtor.

Switching in between farms– to switch between the farms, you will should click the plots in ~ the optimal of her game.

Farm city map– her map is what you will use to visit the various sections of farm yard Town. The map symbol is situated in the bottom corner of her toolbar. Below you will discover each place on the map and also what that means. To walk to any kind of of the places, click the icon in the map.

Market Place– The industry place is where you go to hire people to occupational for you and get hired to work.

The Bank– The financial institution is wherein you walk to acquisition coins or farm yard cash.

Fuel Station– The fuel terminal is whereby you will need to do your refueling.

TheInn– The Inn is simply a location to go and chat with other players.

Realtor Office– This is where you go to upgrade your land and also buy a new farm.

Customizing her avatar– If girlfriend get exhausted of seeing the same old Farm town character and also would choose to adjust it, friend can. Click the avatar and also a menu will open. Click adjust Appearance and also make your changes.

Changing the name of her farm– at the optimal of her game, girlfriend will view the name of your farm in a brown wooden plaque. If you want to readjust the surname in that plaque, click the plaque. A box will certainly pop up and you will require to kind the brand-new name in the field. Climate click the inspect mark to save it and also rename her farm.

Taking image of your farm– You have the right to take image of her farm and place castle in albums and on your facebook wall. To take a photo, you will need to select the camera under the devices menu. When you click the camera, a box will certainly open and also you will watch what your photograph will watch like. Friend can add a caption and also click the next button. The photograph will climate be published.

Viewing your farm yard in full screen– You have the right to view your farm yard in full screen which will permit you to get a bigger view if you room working ~ above it. In the bottom toolbar, friend will view an icon with 2 white arrows. Click the icon and also your farm will get in full screen view. To get out of complete view, push ESC on her keyboard.

How come Play farm Town

Earning Farm city coins– Earning coins in farm yard Town must be your goal. You require a many coins come do many things in farm yard Town prefer plant crops, purchase items, buy vehicles, and also a new farm. Listed below you will uncover the means to earn coins in farm yard Town.

Growing crops– Growing plants is the best method to knife coins in farm Town. You need to go with crops that carry in the most. You should also make sure you will have the ability to login and harvest them. If friend plant 4 hour crops and also can’t login because that 12 hours, you will lose all of your crops.

Getting rental to work– You have the right to go to the market place and also get hired to work. Then you will go come the person’ farm that rental you and harvest or plow fields. This is additionally a quick way to develop up her money if you have actually the time to spare.

Visiting Farm town friends– Visiting your friends will earn you money. As soon as you do a visit to her friends, you will be inquiry to help do something. If girlfriend accept, you will be rewarded through coins.

Installing apps– friend can also go to the knife Coins tab in ~ the peak of her game and also install apps to earn coins.

Completing offers– Completing uses on the earn Coins web page is another method to earn money, but you should read the find print on these offers and also make sure you don’t have to pay any type of hidden fees.

Logging in daily– Logging in daily will earn you money. As soon as you login, you will be offered a details amount that coins. This is dubbed the lottery.

Selling things– If you have things on your farm yard that you execute not want, offer them and make extra Farm city money.

Harvesting trees– Harvesting her trees offers another way to knife Farm city cash.

Earning Farm town cash– There are two means to knife cash in farm Town. First, you can earn cash by leveling up. Every time you walk up a level, you will certainly earn 1 farm yard Cash. Friend can also fill out provides on the earn Coins web page to earn cash. Various other than that, friend will have to buy your farm Cash.

Earning XP clues in farm Town– You deserve to earn suffer points (XP) by visiting her Farm city neighbors, plowing fields, planting fields, and buying things. XP clues are crucial part the the game. Girlfriend will desire to effort to gain these suffer points due to the fact that they determine when you deserve to achieve brand-new Farm town levels. The higher the Farm town level, the much more Farm city items you have the right to unlock and can purchase for her Farm city farm.

Hiring Farm city workers– If you want to rental someone to harvest your fields, girlfriend will have to decide who you desire to execute it. Carry out you want to rental strangers or her friends? listed below I will show you both ways.

Hiring her friends– If you want to hire her friends, ask them to pertained to your farm. As soon as they gain to your farm, click them and also click rental to Harvest. They will then need to accept the request and also when they do, you will certainly be sent a post that they have accepted. They can then start harvesting.

Hiring civilization from the market– If you do not have any type of friends online, you deserve to go come the market and also hire civilization to harvest because that you. In the bottom toolbar, girlfriend will see the Map icon. Click the icon and click the Market. When you space in the market, you will be inquiry what you desire to do, click hire Help. Then click on someone to hire and hire lock the same means you hire your friends.

Selling her harvest– If you chose to save your harvest in her storage or you hired someone come harvest for you, girlfriend will should visit the market place and sell your harvest. In her bottom toolbar, girlfriend will watch a warehouse bin. Girlfriend will have actually a red number ~ above this bin telling you how numerous crops friend have. If friend have more than 100, that will have a to add sign. Click the warehouse icon and place your mouse over among the crops. The walk to Market and also Sell switch will appear. Click that button and also you will certainly be redirected come the market. When you have reached the market, sell all of your harvest. When you room finished, you have the right to return to your farm.

Hiring Farm city members to plow– friend can likewise hire farm yard Town civilization to plow your very own fields. This will conserve you time and also money. If you hire someone come plow your fields from the market, it will expense you 15 coins per field. If you rental a friend to plow, the will expense you 10 coins per field. You rental someone come plow the same way you rental them to harvest, other than you choose the rental to Plow option.

Buying Farm town items– In farm Town, you can also go shopping and also buy item for your farm. You deserve to open the shop by clicking the store icon. As soon as the keep opens, friend will an alert all the the categories at the height of the store. Select a group to check out it. Once you discover something you want to buy, place your mouse over it and also click the buy button. Then ar your items on her farm whereby you want it through clicking your farm.

Moving / selling Farm city items– you can additionally move her items around your farm. If you space redoing her farm, you will desire to move your items. If you accidentally clicked and placed an object in the dorn place, you can move them. To relocate an item, click the item and choose relocate in the menu. Climate click your mouse where you desire to place it. If you have items that you no much longer want on her farm, you deserve to sell them. To sell an item, you will need to click the item and also click the market option. A box will pop up and also tell you exactly how much friend will gain for the item. If you still want to offer it, click the green inspect mark. If friend have changed your mind, click the red X.

Rotating items– many of the items girlfriend buy on farm Town can be rotated to suggest in a various direction. If you want to turn an item, click the item. As soon as the menu opens, you will see a Rotate option if the item have the right to be rotated. Click the option and a box will open. In this box, friend will require to select the direction you desire the article to point in. Once you click your option, the box will close and you will need to click your farm to location the item.

Hiding Farm city items– If you space working on her farm and also there room things prevent you, you have the right to hide Farm city items. The items will certainly be covert until you refresh her farm. To hide an item, click it and select the Hide option.

Adding / removed items indigenous storage– If you have things the you require to relocate out of your way on farm yard Town and also you execute not desire to offer it, you can add them to her storage. To add something to storage, click the item, and also choose relocate to storage in the menu. Her item will then be placed in the storage. As soon as you are prepared to remove things native storage, click the Storage icon in your toolbar and also click Items. The will display the items you have in storage. Place your mouse over an item you want to eliminate from storage and click the use button. The warehouse box will certainly close and also you will must click your farm to place the article on your farm.

Watering flowers– If friend buy flower for your farm, castle will need to be watered every couple of days. You deserve to water your very own flowers or friend can acquire your friends come water them. Girlfriend can likewise water her friends’ flowers. Come water flowers, you will have to click the Toolbox in the toolbar and also click the Water Can. Then place your computer mouse over the flowers and click. The flowers will certainly then be watered. If you do not water your flowers, they will certainly die. They will come earlier to life once you perform water them again though.

Adding / remove Farm city neighbors– having actually neighbors in Farm town is critical part the the game. Visiting your neighbors and doing work-related for them will earn girlfriend money and XP points. Girlfriend are also required to have a specific amount of next-door neighbors for various things top top Farm city like having actually the alternative of plowing four areas at once. So, it is essential to construct up your neighbors.

To add a neighbor, friend will have to send castle a request. Click the My neighbors tab at the top of your game. Look for a friend that you want to send a request too and click the add As neighbor option. A request will then it is in sent, if castle accept, they will be included as her neighbor. If you desire to remove neighbors, go back to the My neighbors tab. Look because that the neighborhood you want to remove and click the eliminate From neighbors button.

Visiting neighbors’ farms– Your neighbors are situated at the bottom of her game. You will have to visit them once a job to knife coins and also XP points. Come visit a neighbor, click the neighbor and also click Visit/Tend. Their farm will then load and you will certainly be inquiry to carry out some work. Accept the work and also you will certainly earn money and also coins.

Sending / receiving Farm city gifts– Sending gifts to her friends is a good way to aid them construct up their farms. They will also return the favor and that will aid you build up her farm. If you get overrun through gifts, don’t worry; you can sell lock to knife Farm town money.

To expropriate a gift, you will need to click the gift request attach in your request section on your residence page that Facebook. Climate click the accept button on the following page. If friend have an ext gifts come accept, click the Yes button when you space asked if you have more. If you perform not, click the No button and also you will certainly be redirected come the game. When the game has loaded, girlfriend will have to click her gift crate to check out your gifts. Climate click the gift you desire to use and place that on your farm.

To send gifts, friend will should click the Send presents tab in ~ the top of your game. Then choose the gift you want to send and also click the Send button. The complying with page will show a perform of your friends, click the box beside the friends you want to send the gift too. Click Send again and also click Send in package that mister up. Her gift will then be sent out to the friends friend chose.

Inviting friends come play– If you have actually friends who have actually not installed the Farm city game, you have the right to invite them to play. Click the Invite tab at the optimal of her game. Select the friends you desire to send the request too and also send it. If lock accept, girlfriend will view them on your My next-door neighbors page and you have the right to then inquiry them as a neighbor.

Farm city Items to compare Chart

Profits = total profit minus expenses: Sells for – cost P/D = revenues per day P/H = earnings per hour P/M = profits per minute P/S = earnings per second Farm city Strategy

Expand your work-related force– Hire world to plow and also harvest because that you. You will certainly earn a lot much more money when someone harvests because that you and you will save money when they plow because that you. Don’t hire civilization who desire to trade, many of them will certainly trick you right into hiring them and also they won’t hire you.

Beware of game offers– Read every one of the fine publish if you want to to fill out provides to get cash or coins. Several of them do have catches and also you’ll want to examine your phone bill as some will shot to fee you.

Earn coins with totally free daily apps– install the cost-free daily apps to help build up your Farm town coins. You have the right to uninstall them later on if you need to.

Be efficient– eliminate the spaces in between your plots to save room on your farm. The much more space you have actually the an ext crops you can plant and also the an ext Farm town money you can earn.

Beware the marketplace trickery– Never autumn for the double click on my shoes trick in the sector place. Human being will tell girlfriend to dual click on your shoes and they will certainly hire you. It’s is a trick; when you twin click on their shoes, you space actually hiring them.

Plant highly lucrative crops– Each chop earns friend a certain amount the money. If you want to gain the many profits from her crops, you need to plant farm Town crops that knife you the most money.

Save your money– Don’t be so rapid to acquisition the vehicles if you are just beginning out. Friend should emphasis on planting crops and building increase your occupational force and money prior to buying items choose houses and vehicles.

Plant crops roughly your schedule– Each chop takes different times come mature for this reason the plants you decided to plant need to be selected based on how lot time you have to play the farm Town game that details day. If you have actually lots that time come play farm yard Town, friend should pick crops that take much less time to reach harvest. Top top the various other hand, if you’ll be away from the game all day you need to plant plants that take a long time to reach harvest.

Expand her farm– once you’ve saved up sufficient Farm city money you’ll desire to add on to your farm to plant even much more crops and earn more Farm town cash.

Help your Farm city neighbors– Assisting her Farm city friends and also sending gifts to them typically benefits both of you. You’ll earn suffer points and coins by helping her Farm town neighbors and also giving gifts motivates them come return the favor.

Don’t brag– together you play Farm town you’ll be triggered to re-publishing your accomplishments on her Facebook wall surface with your on facebook friends. You should use this sparingly as it can become quite annoying to your friends. Together a dominion of thumb you must only post large accomplishments for the Farm city game. If girlfriend get tired of see this request to share her accomplishments, you have the right to disable the for farm Town and other on facebook games.

Change browsers– If you discover your web browser freezing or the takes forever to pack pages, you might want to change browsers. Try using a faster internet browser such together Opera or Google Chrome.

Befriending people– adding Farm Town neighbors is an essential aspect of the game however sending invites come Facebook individuals that don’t pat is offensive. To curb that you need to send a post with every on facebook friend invitation choose “Farm Town” or “Farm town add” so the recipient at least knows why you’re sending an invite.

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Become a fan of farm yard Town– to be effective at play Farm city you’ll desire to include lots the Farm town neighbors. The an ext Farm town friends girlfriend have, the much more experience points and coins you can earn and also the quicker you can level up. Coming to be a fan of several of the Farm city groups and fan pages on facebook is one easy means to find more Farm Town neighbors that desire to add you. Friend can short article your profile connect requesting the Facebook add so you can then later on invite them to join you in farm yard Town.