What to be a straightforward cause of the an excellent Depression the the 1930s?a. Tariffs on international manufactured products were reduced.b. The circulation of income was unequal.c. Too countless antitrust legislations were passed.d. Immigrant was no limited.

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The teamwork mentioned in the poster was intended to be betweena. Consumers and also producersb. Socialists and also capitalistsc. Workers and also retireesd. Business and also government
As part of the new Deal, the Securities and also Exchange board of directors (SEC) and the federal Deposit insurance money corporation (FDIC) were developed to a. Enable for a fast recovery of share pricesb. Provide direct loan to businessesc. Protect individual investor from stock fraud and also bank failured. Permit banks and also companies to invest in the stock market
Senator Huey Long, Dr. Francis Townsend, and Father Charles Coughlin are best known asa. Supporters of chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt"s re-election campaign in 1940.b. Members of chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt"s cabinet.c. Outspoken critics of chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt"s new Deal.d. Members the the can be fried Court nominated by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt"s new Deal reflected his id that throughout a depression the federal federal government shoulda. Assist farmers instead of commercial workersb. Return to laissez-faire capitalistic principlesc. Assume ownership of failed corporationsd. Take it a leadership duty in financial recovery
The conditions shown in this 1936 photo were caused mostly bya. Durations of prevalent floodingb. An international warmingc. Deforestation and overgrazingd. Drought and poor farming techniques
Breadlines, Hoovervilles, and the Bonus army were all straight results ofa. Housing shortages in the 1920sb. Unemployment during the an excellent Depressionc. Relief efforts of the new Deald. Mechanization the agriculture
The main purpose the the nationwide Labor connections Act that 1935 (Wagner Act) to be toa. Guarantee cumulative bargaining rightsb. Half the usage of strikes through unionsc. Developing the Social security systemd. Permit factory owner to use court injunctions versus workers
Which statement many accurately expresses the key idea of the cartoon?a. Chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt is more powerful 보다 European dictators b. Actions by president Franklin D. Roosevelt threaten American democracy.c. Chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt should limit the strength of Congress.d. The supreme Court is help President Franklin D. Roosevelt reorganize his administration


American Anthem: contemporary American background (California)Deborah Gray White, Edward L. Ayers, Jesús F. De la Teja, Robert D. Schulzinger


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