Master seals are a mainstay advancement item throughout many Fire Emblem titles, enabling characters to promote regardless of course (with certain restrictions). In the “Three Houses” title, the item has been reworked in line through the overall class revamps and changes. Due to the fact that they space so useful, they room a little more complicated to acquire than various other in-game items and can be a challenge for brand-new players.

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The game introduces understand seals fairly early, giving the first drop at chapter 9 of “Birthright.” that is obtainable as a autumn in some chapters:

Zola in thing 9Kinshi article in chapter 11Village endowment in chapter 13Two pieces from Wolfssegner in thing 15Sorcerer in thing 17Merchant and also Mechanist in chapter 19Two pieces from Faceless in chapter 20Two piece from Stoneborn in thing 21Sorcerer in chapter 23 in typical mode

It is also easily accessible as a autumn in the “Conquest” campaign:

Village sweetheart in Chapters 10, 13, 17, and also 18Sorcerer at thing 16Merchant in invasion 2

Master seals can additionally be uncovered in the “Revelation” campaign:

Zola in chapter 10Village endowment in Chapters 11, 14, 20, and 21Fighter in thing 11Berserker in thing 12Rewarded for pursuing the stealth choice in chapter 24

In all campaigns, master seals are purchasable because that 2,000 gold from the “My castle” shop. At level 1, you have the right to only acquisition two seals. In ~ the level 2 shop, the border becomes seven, and also at level 3, you no longer have actually a to buy limit. Understand seals can likewise be acquired from the randomly rolled “Lottery Shop” in the castle.

How to gain Master Seals in Fire Emblem 3 Houses

Due come overhauling the course system in “Three Houses,” master seals have actually a similar use, enabling them to upgrade classes, yet the process has become an ext complex. There are several methods to attain the items in the game.


To achieve master seals, you’ll must clear these maps v an S rank:

Invisible Ties, ally Rescue level 14Invisible Ties, fort Siege level 28Invisible Ties, Invisible Ties level 25The route is Yours, fort Defense level 22The route is Yours, adopt the Dark level 36The route is Yours, In the White irradiate level 36The Dark Pontifex, Pincer escape level 15The Dark Pontifex, Pincer escape level 17The Dark Pontifex, Pincer escape level 24Noble Lady the Caelin, Pincer escape level 22Noble Lady of Caelin, ally Rescue level 22Noble Lady the Caelin, ft Siege level 26Noble Lady the Caelin, zero Elimination level 26Together to the End, fort Siege level 34Together to the End, Rendezvous Disruption level 35Together come the End, targeted Elimination level 42, under 15 minutesTogether come the End, Rendezvous Disruption level 42Grief, Recruitment battle level 21Land that Gods, ft Siege level 23Cold Reception, Gold sirloin level 19A Brush in the Teeth, Pincer to escape level 20Princess Minerva, Shadow sirloin level 22Knorda Market, Villager Rescue, level 21Scion of Legend, escape level 24Emmeryn, fort Siege level 25Caravan Dancer, Pincer escape level 21

Some the the characters holding master seal drops show up only after ~ reinforcements. To gain an S rank, you require to:

Complete the map in less than 20 minutes (15 because that one details map, provided above);Take less than 80% of your HP in damage;Get 2000 kills. Death made by untreated team members count.

In Story Mode, there are an additional six seals acquired in Chapters 5, 8, 11, 13, 15, and also 18. Lock are available as loot by finishing the Chapter, among the drops, or treasure rewards.

Masterful at Fire Emblem

Depending ~ above the Fire Emblem title you’re playing, understand seals deserve to be numerous or locked behind specific maps and requirements. Part games, favor “Warriors,” heavily reward optimized gameplay patterns and also place details limits on the number of seals available. Use the master seal wisely due to the fact that an untimely upgrade may expense the character some stat clues in the lengthy run.

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What space your plans for your first master seal? allow us understand in the comment section below.