Who showed up on the best-selling commemorative postage rubber stamp in U.S History?Who was the first native American to it is in honored on a U.S Stamp?

Grace Kelly was the first Hollywood (women) actress show up on U.S postage stamp.

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In 1993, the USA and Monaco all at once released a commemorative postage stamp honoring actress grace Kelly. However, federal regulation in America forbids stamps depicting foreign heads of state so instead they put her name together “Grace Kelly” if Monaco detailed her with the location “Princess Grace”.

About elegant Kelly :

Grace Kelly is one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood history.

Grace to be born grace Patricia Kelly ~ above November 12th, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania unified States.

Grace had actually a successful acting job that covered decades. Grace starred in 39 films throughout her time together an actress.

Grace had one sister called Elizabeth Ann (born 1933). Elegant attended the Westfield college of Education and Western university of Pennsylvania where she learned English literature.

She won two Academy Awards for ideal Actress and also received seven additional nominations at the Academy Awards for miscellaneous roles she play throughout her storied career.

Grace married Prince Rainier III the Monaco on April 18th, 1956; they to be married because that eleven years till his death.

Grace was died on September 14th, 1982 at period 52 because of a car crash.

Who appeared on the best-selling commemorative postage rubber stamp in U.S History?


The first Native American woman to it is in honored ~ above a united state stamp to be Pocahontas. The year she obtained this honor was 1907.

 About Pocahontas :

Pocahontas to be a aboriginal American woman that is often referred to together the “daughter” the Powhatan, yet she was in reality his daughter-in-law.

Pocahontas was born about 1595 and died in England ~ above April 5th, 1617 in ~ the age of 21. She had actually no youngsters with john Rolfe and never returned to Virginia after ~ her catch by the English.

Pocahontas thrived up amongst the Powhatan tribes of Virginia and also was well-known within her ar as a wise woman and also healer.

Her father to be Chief Powhatan, leader of end 30 Algonquian speaking tribes in tsenacommacah (which way “the land between the rivers”).

Her father wanted to make sure that his daughter would certainly be married to another chief for this reason he could create peace between their tribes.

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However, once James smith arrived, they ended up being friends and she aided him return house by warning him about various dangers along the way.